Variation of Rain or Rayna

Rayne Origin and Meaning

The name Rayne is a girl's name .

Rayne is the unique name used for one of the girl sextuplets on the Sweet Home TV show.

# 857 in the US

Rayne Rank in US Top 1000

Rayne Popularity

Famous People Named Rayne

  • Rayne MarcusAmerican actress
  • Rayne Dakota "Dak" PrescottAmerican male NFL player
  • Rayne Dior Carenarddaughter of rapper Saigon
  • Memphis Rayne Parkerdaughter of rugby leaguer Corey Parker
  • Rex Rayne Woodson of TV personality Fearne Cotton and Jesse Wood
  • Jaden Rayne Boreanazson of actor David Boreanaz
  • Madison Raynering name of Ashley Nichole Lomberger, American pro wrestler
  • Posie RayneDaughter of YouTubers Sav and Cole.
  • Rayne McCoy Waldrop (b. 2017) daughter of Eric and Courtney Waldrop; one of the sextuplets featured on the TLC show “Sweet Home Sextuplets”

Rayne in Pop Culture

  • Raynemain character in video game series "BloodRayne"
  • Lakoda RayneAmerican girl group on "The X,Factor"