"elm grove"

Lennox Origin and Meaning

The name Lennox is a boy's name of Scottish origin meaning "elm grove".

Lennox is an aristocratic and powerful Scottish surname name made truly special by that final x. The worldwide fame of British boxer--World and Olympic champion--Lennox Claudius Lewis brought the name into the spotlight as a first name, while as a last it's tied to Eurythmics singer Annie L.

The Thane of Lennox appears in Macbeth, Mary Lennox is in The Secret Garden and there are two Agatha Christie characters with the name.

Lenox is another accepted spelling.

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Lennox Popularity

Famous People Named Lennox

  • Lennox Claudius LewisAmerican boxer
  • Lennox MillerJamaican runner
  • Lennox YearwoodAmerican minister and activist
  • Lennox Randal Francis BerkeleyEnglish composer
  • Lennox Ross BrosterSouth African,British surgeon
  • Lennox Forsberg (2012)son of player Peter Forsberg
  • Lennox Lehner (2014)son of Robin Lehner
  • Lennox Lockwoodson of Amy Davidson & Kacy Lockwood
  • Lennox Noel Boshson of Chris Bosh
  • Lennox Matuszczykson of footballer Adam Matuszczyk
  • Lennox Königson of actress Nina Bott and Florian König
  • Lennox Miller (2006)son of Pia Miller and Brad Miller

Lennox in Pop Culture

  • Lennox Lestercharacter on British series "Bad Girls"
  • William Lennoxcharacter in the Transformers movies
  • Ray Lennoxcharacter in book/ film 'Filth' by Irvine Welsh
  • Lennoxcharacter in Shakespeare's "Macbeth"