"valley of the eagle; high"

Arden Origin and Meaning

The name Arden is a boy's name of English origin meaning "valley of the eagle; high".

Arden is a gender-neutral name that's sleek and stylish but always seems to bob just below the surface of popularity, despite ticking all the boxes with its fashionable two-syllable, N-ending shape and its awesome nature-inspired meanings. In the 2021 US statistics, 41 percent of the babies named Arden were boys to 59 percent girls.

A locational surname name deriving from several places in England, there are multiple legitimate derivations for this name. One is from Old English earn "eagle" + denu "valley", while another is from the Celtic ard meaning "high".

For literature lovers: Arden is the name of the magical forest in Shakespeare's As You Like It (Shakespeare's mother's name was Mary Arden), and it also appears in the name and titular character of a poem by Tennyson, Enoch Arden.

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Arden Popularity

Famous People Named Arden

  • Arden Redgraveson of English actor Corin Redgrave
  • Arden HayesAmerican child genius
  • Arden Cole Whedonson of director Joss Whedon and his wife Kai Cole
  • Michael ArdenAmerican actor and theatre director

Arden in Pop Culture

  • Squire Edgar Ardenmain character in "Squire Arden" by Margaret Oliphant
  • Dr. ArdenNazi doctor on TV's "American Horror Story: Asylum"
  • "Enoch Arden" narrative poem by Alfred, Lord Tennyson
  • Arden Lowecharacter in "My Sweet Audrina" by V.C. Andrews
  • Arden Lowecharacter in the movie "My Sweet Audrina"