Diminutive of Joseph
"he will add"

Joey Origin and Meaning

The name Joey is a boy's name meaning "he will add".

This nickname for popular and traditional Joseph has a long history of being used as a given name all on its own. Nonetheless, everyone will always assume that Joey is short for the longer form. It might be nice for a potential son to have the option of a more professional and classic name to fall back on.

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Famous People Named Joey

  • Joey Bishop (born Joseph Abraham Gottlieb)American TV personality and Rat Packer
  • Joey Ramone (born Jeffrey Ross Hyman)American lead singer of punk band the Ramones
  • Joseph Marciano "Joey" Armstrongdrummer of American rock band SWMRS
  • Joey Lawrence (born Joseph Lawrence Mignogna)American actor
  • Joseph Anthony "Joey" FatoneJr., American singer of boy band 'NSYNC
  • Joseph Mulrey "Joey" McIntyreAmerican singer of boy band New Kids on the Block
  • Joseph Michael "Joey" RichterAmerican actor and singer
  • Joseph Anthony "Joey" BartonEnglish footballer
  • Joey Don EssexEnglish TV personality
  • Joey BrezinskiAmerican pro skateboarder
  • Joseph Christian "Joey" ChestnutAmerican competitive eater
  • Nathan Jonas "Joey" JordisonAmerican drummer of band Slipknot
  • Joseph Thomas "Joey" LoganoAmerican NASCAR driver
  • Bernard Joseph "Joey" BaronAmerican jazz drummer
  • Joseph Scott "Joey" GallowayAmerican NFL player
  • Joseph Michael "Joey" KramerAmerican drummer for band Aerosmith
  • Joseph Roberts "Joey" SmallwoodCanadian politician, first premier of Newfoundland
  • José María Ramos "Joey" de LeonFilipino comedian
  • Joseph Alberto "Joey" SantiagoFilipino,American guitarist and composer
  • Joseph Daniel "Joey" VottoCanadian baseball player
  • Jose Manuel "Joey" Cora (Amaro)Puerto Rican baseball player
  • Joseph Wiley "Joey" Luftson of actress Judy Garland and Sid Luft
  • William Joseph "Joey" DunlopNorthern Irish motorcyclist
  • Joey Mercuryring name of Adam Birch, American pro wrestler
  • Joey Tempeststage name of Rolf Magnus Joakim Larsson, Swedish singer of band Europe
  • Joey HandAmerican racing driver
  • Joseph Richard "Joey" JayAmerican baseball pitcher
  • Joseph Patrick "Joey" JonesWelsh footballer
  • Joseph Michael "Joey" GraceffaAmerican vlogger

Joey in Pop Culture

  • Joseph Francis "Joey" Tribbiania main character on TV's "Friends" and "Joey"
  • Joseph Alvin "Joey" Gladstonecharacter on TV's "Full House"
  • Joseph Michael "Joey" Stiviccharacter on TV's "All in the Family"
  • Joseph "Joey" Jeremiahcharacter on TV's Degrassi series
  • Joey Parkercharacter in the movie "Another Cinderella Story"
  • Joey Motorolacharacter in movie "Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian"
  • Joey Wheelercharacter in anime "Yu,Gi,Oh! Duel Monsters"
  • Joey Coylecharacter in movie "Money for Nothing"
  • Jokota "Joey" Ryan JupitaraCharacter in webseries "Mephone`s World"
  • Joseph "Joey" Rooneycharacter on TV's "Liv and Maddie"
  • Joey Montelone aka Tar Pitcharacter on TV's "Flash"
  • Joey Drewcharacter in the Indie video game "Bendy and the Ink Machine."
  • Joeycockroach on French animated series "Oggy and the Cockroaches"

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