"strip of clearing in the woods"

Ripley Origin and Meaning

The name Ripley is a girl's name of English origin meaning "strip of clearing in the woods".

The name Ripley reflects the powerful character played by Sigourney Weaver in the Alien films; it was chosen by actress Thandiwe Newton for her daughter.

Ripley Popularity

Famous People Named Ripley

  • Ripley SoboAmerican actress
  • Ripley Parker (b. 2000)daughter of actress Thandie Newton and Ol Parker
  • Ripley Robinson (b. 2009)daughter of Muppeteer Martin P. Robinson; twin of sister Lyra
  • Ripley BeeJones (b. 2010), daughter of TV hosts/comedians Jason Jones and Samantha Bee
  • Ripley Dorothy LawleySchmidt (b. 2015), daughter of model Robyn Lawley & Everest Schmidt

Ripley in Pop Culture

  • Ripleya circus lion from "The Hollows" by Amanda Hocking
  • Ellen Ripleyknown as Ripley, character from the Alien franchise
  • Amanda RipleyEllen Ripley’s daughter and protagonist of the video game Alien: Isolation
  • Ripleycharacter from "Chadam" the miniseries
  • RipleyChilean retail store
  • Ripleya character from the "Lumberjanes" comic series by Noelle Stevenson, Grace Ellis, and Shannon Watters