Sagittarius Baby Names Supersized

Sagittarius Baby Names Supersized

If you’re expecting a Sagittarius baby in 2019 — the sign officially starts on November 22 — you may be especially inspired to search among the gorgeous Sagittarius baby names for your little archer.

Sagittarius is especially strong in the heavens this year, with its ruler Jupiter spending its final beneficent days in the sign until December 2 and a new moon in Sagittarius beaming down fresh energy on November 26. Jupiter or the names of one of its moons might make an excellent super-Sag choice.

Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiac and is represented by a centaur drawing a bow.  Traits said to be shared by people born under the archer are generosity, honesty, and compassion as well as foolishness, pride, and frankness.  Sagittarians are ethical but impulsive, and have a love of excitement and adventure.  Though the turquoise is their main gemstone, they may also be represented the topaz, ruby, emerald, and sapphire

Other elements associated with this sign are the color purple, the narcissus, and the dandelion.  The archer is one of three fire signs along with Leo and Aries, so names that mean fire might also make good choices.

You might also look to literary and other heroes born under the sign of Sagittarius, who include Louisa May Alcott, author of Little Women, and statesman Winston Churchill.

Here are some of the best names for babies born under the sign of Sagittarius:

Sagittarius Girl Names

Adara – Hebrew, fire

Aine – Irish, fire

Anala — Hindi name meaning fire

Ascella – a star in the Sagittarius constellation

Azar — Iranian fire name


Calida – Latin, fiery

Callisto — A moon of Jupiter

Camilla – an Italian fire goddess

Celosia – Greek, burning


Eldrid – Norse, beautiful fire

Eleanor – Greek; shining one, compassion

Fiametta – Latin, little fiery one

Gwenaëlle – Welsh, generous and noble


Io — One of the largest moons of Jupiter

Ione – the name of a nymph; it means violet, a shade of purple and is one of the many Sagittarius baby names that is also a color name.


Jane — author Austen, which also works as a first name for either gender.


Leda — One of the moons of Jupiter

Louisa (May Alcott)

Maia – a Roman fire goddess


Mercy – English, compassion






Seraphina – Hebrew, ardent, fiery

Sholeh – Persian, flame

Tana — Greek for “fire goddess”

Theodosia – a Greek name combining the elements “generous” and “god”



Verity – Latin for truth and one of the loveliest names for Sagittarius baby girls

Vesta – a Roman fire goddess


Sagittarius Boy Names

Abraham  has the connection of “Honest Abe

Aidan – Irish, little fire

Apollo – Greek archery god

Archer — Among the most Sagittarian of names for your little archer

Arrow — One step beyond Archer in terms of style and symbolism

Ash – usually a short form of other names, but also an English word referring to the powdery residue of a fire

Atar – Iranian fire god

Blaise — Saints’ name that’s a homonym for Blaze

Bowman – English surname for an archer

Brande – English, firebrand

Chiron – a centaur in Greek mythology

Evander – an Anglicization of Irish Iomhair, from Ivarr “archer”

Frank (Sinatra)

Idris – Hindu, fire; also Welsh, ardent lord

Inaki — Basque name with a fire meaning super-popular in Argentina

Inigo – short form of Latin Ignatius, “fiery”

Ivar, Ivor – Scandinavian, archer

Jupiter – the ruling planet of Sagittarius and one of the coolest Sagittarius baby names.

Karim – Arabic, generous and noble

Kaus – three stars in the constellation, and a word meaning bow

Lincoln – has the connection of “Honest Abe

Makrim – Arabic, generous and noble

Nunki – one of the stars in the constellation

Pierce (President Franklin Pierce)

Theodosius – a Greek name combining the elements “giving, generous” and “god” and also carrying the nickname Theo, one of the most stylish Sagittarius names for boys.

Toxotes – (like Socrates) the Greek name for Sagittarius

Twain (Mark Twain)

Walt (Disney)

Winston (Churchill)

Sagittarius Unisex Names

Artemis – Greek goddess of archery


Ember – both a short form of November and December and a word meaning “burning coal in a dying fire”

Nuri – an Arabic and Hebrew name meaning “my fire”

Phoenix – a mythical bird reborn in its own ashes

Robin – archer Robin Hood in English folklore


E. Wittig is Nameberry’s astrology columnist, the stay-at-home mom to two well-named girls, and is a big fan of unconventional names.  She also writes novels.

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E. Wittig is a stay at home mom to three well-named kids and is a big fan of unconventional names. She writes novels in her spare time.