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Thessaly Origin and Meaning

The name Thessaly is a girl's name .

This name of an area in northern Greece, known in the era of Homer's Odyssey as Aeolus. It's the name of a character in the graphic novel Sandman, and could easily be adopted for a modern little girl.

Thessaly Popularity

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Famous People Named Thessaly

  • Thessaly La ForceUS writer

Thessaly in Pop Culture

  • Alexander the Great had a halfsister named Thessalonike, meaning 'Victory (Nike) in Thessaly'. She married the Greek military leader Cassander, and the city of Thessalonica, capital of Macedonia, was named in her honor.
  • Legends of Thessalian witches developed during the Classical Greece period. According to many sourcesThessaly was notorious for being a haven for witches, and "folklore about the region has persisted with tales of witches, drugs, poisons and magical spells ever since the Roman period."