English word name
"month name"

November Origin and Meaning

The name November is a girl's name of Latin origin meaning "month name".

The menu of usable month names seems to expand every, well, month, with such choices as November, October, and January joining more established names like April, May, June and August. Logical November nicknames include Nova, Novi, or Ember, making this a natural (if adventurous) choice for a baby girl. November is also, obviously, one of the perfect names for November babies.

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November in Pop Culture

  • NovemberOne of the dolls in Joss Whedon's Series, "Dollhouse"
  • "November Has Come"song by Gorillaz
  • Princess Novemberthe heroine of the webcomic, "No Rest for the Wicked," is based on the character from The Princess and the Pea.
  • November "Nova" Annabella TerraCharacter in the Starcraft Universe
  • "November Rain" song by Guns N' Roses

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