Greek mythology
"most beautiful"

Callisto Origin and Meaning

The name Callisto is a girl's name meaning "most beautiful".

Best known as one of the moons of Jupiter, Callisto was a nymph coveted by Zeus who was turned into a bear by Hera, becoming the Great Bear (Ursa Major) constellation.

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Famous People Named Callisto

  • Callisto PasuwaZimbabwean male football coach

Callisto in Pop Culture

  • CallistoAncient Greek nymph who was turned into a bear by Zeus. Makes the constellation Ursa Major and is one of Jupiters moons
  • Callistocharacter on TV's Xena: Warrior Princess
  • Callistocharacter in Marvel's X,Men comics
  • Callistominor character in the Southern Vampire Mysteries book series
  • Callistofamily name on Disney animated series Miles from Tomorrowland
  • Callistoscience fiction novel series by Lin Carter
  • Variation of Ancient Greek Kallistoderived from the word Kallistos, meaning 'most beautiful' .