Greek variation of Sapphire, Hebrew jewel name

Sapphira Origin and Meaning

The name Sapphira is a girl's name of Greek origin meaning "sapphire".

Sapphira is a lovely name which unfortunately has an unsavory Biblical history. The New Testament Sapphira was killed by God for lying about a tax payment.

There's a Willa Cather novel called Sapphira and the Slave Girl, and in the book Eragon, it's the name of a dragon (spelt Saphira).

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Famous People Named Sapphira

  • Sapphiraaccording to the Acts of the Apostles chapter 5, a member of the early Christian church in Jerusalem with her husband Ananias, who died sudden deaths after lying to the Holy Spirit about money
  • Sapphira SellheimMoss (b. 2011), daughter of author, filmmaker and TV personality Tara Moss

Sapphira in Pop Culture

  • Sapphira Brantleycharacter from "A woman called Fancy" by Frank Yerby
  • Sapphira Dodderidge Colbertmain character in "Sapphira and the Slave Girl" by Willa Cather
  • From the Greek name Sappheirewhich was from the Greek word sappheiros meaning "blue stone" or "lapis lazuli," ultimately derived from a Semitic source (compare Hebrew sappir "sapphire"). Alternatively Sapphira may be a Greco,Latin form of the Hebrew name Zipporah.