Persian or Urdu
"prosperous or successful"

Kamran Origin and Meaning

The name Kamran is a boy's name meaning "prosperous or successful".

Kamran is one of the most easily-translated boys' names from a Middle Eastern to a Western culture, sounding nearly identical to the stylish English name Cameron. While it is not an Islamic name, Muslims are allowed to use it because its meaning is felicitous.

Kamran is widely used as a boys' name in Iran, Turkey, and Pakistan. In the US, it's more likely to be a respelling of the unisex Cameron, which is a totally different name.

Kamran Popularity

Famous People Named Kamran

  • Kamran AgayevAzeri football goalkeeper
  • Kamran AkmalPakistani cricketer
  • Kamran Atifmember of Harkat,ul Mujahideen al,Alami
  • Kamran Bagheri LankaraniIran's Minister of Health and Medical Education
  • Kamran BaghirovAzeri politician in 80's
  • Kamran DaneshjooIranian Politician, Minister of Science, Research and Technology for the Ahmadinejad government
  • Kamran DibaIranian Architect
  • Kamran ElahianIranian,American Entrepreneur
  • Kamran GhadakchianIranian director
  • Kamran HedayatiKurdish,Iranian dissident
  • Kamran Incecomposer of Turkish,American descent
  • Kâmran İnanTurkish Politician
  • Kamran Khan (journalist)Pakistani Geo TV lead anchor
  • Kamran Mirza (1509–1557)the second son of Babur, the founder of the Mughal dynasty
  • Kamran Mirza Nayeb esSaltaneh, Persian prince of the Qajar Dynasty
  • Kamran PashaHollywood screenwriter and director
  • Kamran ShakhsuvarlyAzerbaijani boxer
  • Kamran ShirdelIranian documentarist
  • Kamran ShiraziIranian chess player

Kamran in Pop Culture

  • Kamranlove interest of Feride in the Turkish series "Lovebird" ("Çalıkuşu")