"lion of god, or strength of god"

Othniel Origin and Meaning

The name Othniel is a boy's name of Hebrew origin meaning "lion of god, or strength of god".

Othniel is mentioned in the Bible and Tanakh (in the Book of Judges) where he is the first of the biblical judges mentioned. Othniel was related to Caleb, which might make these two names a nice biblically themed sib-set.

Othniel Popularity

Famous People Named Othniel

  • Othniel Henry WiengesAmerican horse breeder and politician
  • Othniel Charles MarshAmerican paleontologist
  • Othniel LookerAmerican politician; 5th governor of Ohio
  • Othniel TrippAmerican Medal of Honor recipient during the Civil War
  • Othniel WongChinese,Indonesian film director