Five Syllable Baby Names

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Five syllable baby names are a rare and refined bunch, with an elaborate charm and plenty of nickname potential. Long first names provide the perfect balance for a short surname or middle name, and give your child plenty of options as they move through life.

Five syllable names that have ranked near the top of the US charts in recent years include Anastasia and Alexandria for girls and Emiliano and Maximilian for boys. But most five syllable baby names are uncommon or unique, with intriguing options like Apollonia, Cassiopeia, Michelangelo and Napoleone never in the US Top 1000.

Four-syllable baby names may prove to be a lot of name for a youngster to carry, but many four-syllable names come with shorter, cuter nicknames. Evangelina may be Evie or Lina, Maximilian can go by Max, and Ozymandias could use the awesome nickname Ozzy.

Here is our collection of the best five syllable baby names today.

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