Cool Baby Name News

gentleman cowboy names
March 31st, 2020

Gentleman Cowboy Names Have a Rein on Style

By Sophie Kihm

A gentleman cowboy name is rugged but refined, tough, but with an element of grace. These names can transition seamlessly from the dude ranch to the finest saloon and back again.

irish baby names
March 17th, 2020

St Patrick’s Day Names Celebrate All Things Irish

By Emma Waterhouse

Happy St Patrick’s Day! We’re celebrating Irish baby names with a look at the top Irish name trends in the US, as well as unique Irish options to consider.

unique word names
March 11th, 2020

200 Unique Word Names You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

By Emma Waterhouse

Put that dictionary down! We’ve crowdsourced 200 wonderfully unique word names for babies, from Aviatrix to Zeal. See our pick of the bunch here.

Fairy tale baby names
March 3rd, 2020

Fairy Tale Names Cast Magic Spell

By Sophie Kihm

Looking for a baby name with an extra bit of enchantment? Consider one of these unique baby names from fairy tales.

march baby names
March 2nd, 2020

March Baby Names Let The Sunshine In!

By Emma Waterhouse

In like a lion, out like a lamb. March baby names usher in the spring, so fresh nature names abound in our round-up of the best names for March babies.

fashion baby names
February 28th, 2020

Fashion Runways Set Hottest New Name Trends

By Emma Waterhouse

High fashion baby names: inspired by Fashion Week, these are the top trends to look out for if you want to be stylishly ahead-of-the-curve (or not!)

new word names
February 25th, 2020

How Many New Word Names Can YOU Create?

By Emma Waterhouse

Calling all inventive namers! We’ve got a challenge for you. What are the coolest new word names YOU can come up with? The best will feature in a new list!

moon names
February 12th, 2020

100 Magical Moon Names Rising

By Emma Waterhouse

Moon names for babies shouldn’t stop at Luna! We take a look at some of the best rare moon-inspired baby names for boys and girls, from Aruna to Umbriel.

zodiac baby names
February 8th, 2020

Zodiac Baby Names Are Rising Stars

By Sophie Kihm

Zodiac baby names connect with the recent cultural obsession with astrology, with parents searching for names that relate to their babies’ signs.

truly unique baby names
February 6th, 2020

Truly Unique Names You’ll Never Meet IRL

By Emma Waterhouse

Truly unique baby names we can (almost) guarantee you’ll never hear in the wild! From Anstice to Zennor, these 20 cool choices have never charted in the US.