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85 Luscious L Names for Girls

by Linda Rosenkrantz

I can tell you from personal experience that L is a lovely initial for a girl to have. It looks great written in script, it has an appealingly lilting sound, especially with a second L-syllable, and of course it’s the letter of love.

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by Linda Rosenkrantz

Every TV season or so we scan the video landscape to see if any particularly interesting character names have popped up.  And each time it becomes more and more daunting as the number of new and newish shows on network, cable and streaming platforms has gone through the roof.  But we try.

This year it was nice to see so many Namberryesque names appearing—Camille, Celeste, Elsa, Hermione, Lavinia, Maeve, Marisol, Nova, Prudence, Trixie and Thea, for example. Also, as you’ll see below, a lot of scriptwriters have picked up on the boy-name-for-girls trend.

Focusing on the girl names, here are almost two dozen of the most intriguing TV character names.

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15+ Cool Names for June Babes

By MeaganTulip By Any Name

June is bustin’ out all over! June brings us warm weather and cool baby names. June baby names may be inspired by the rose or the pearl, June‘s birth flower and birthstone. Also appropriate are names of notable people born during the month. Here are some great names to consider as we transition from spring into summer!

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Best Baby Names: Beyond the Top 1000

by Emma Waterhouse

Every year when the SSA baby name data is released, the big news stories are all about the names at the very top of the list: which have made it to that hallowed #1 spot, which have entered the Top 10 or Top 100, and which have made the most impressive leaps up the charts over the past 12 months.

But while it’s fun to follow trends and try to predict which names will make the cut, when it comes to actually choosing a name for a real-life baby, the most common requirement for the best baby names that we see from expectant parents who come to our Forums for help is “unusual, but not weird”.

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Dad Names: Updates for Alpha Babes

by Sophie Kihm

Babies born today are a part of Generation Alpha, which encompasses children born from 2010 to 2025. Their parents are Millennials, who were born from 1980-1996, the dawn of the digital age.

The trends in baby naming have shifted between these generations. Parents have become more adventurous with boy names, widening the pool of options for Gen Alpha babies. This change began during Generation Z but has really picked up steam since 2010. As more parents choose names like Bodhi and Ryker for their sons, there is less pressure to stick with the hyper-traditional dad names that dominated for so many years.

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