100 Brilliant Boy Names in Translation

100 Brilliant Boy Names in Translation

By Linda Rosenkrantz

Now it’s the boy’s turn to romance their names.

We recently posted a list of 100 girls’ names in translation, where we took some rather prosaic appellations like Helen, Henrietta and Hedwig, and gave them some international flair via their translations into other languages. Well, several of you asked us to do the same for the boys, and so here they are. Of course there are countless other versions and variations—maybe you’ll find the honor replacement you’ve been looking for!

Ralph and Roland, meet Raoul and Orlando.

  1. Adair Edgar in Scottish

  2. Alasdair Scottish form of Alexander

  3. Alessandro Alexander in Italian

  4. Alwyn Welsh variation of Alvin

  5. Anders Scandinavian version of Andrew

  6. Arman Russian for Herman

  7. Artair Arthur in Scottish (AHR-shtuhr)

  8. Aureli — Polish for Aurelius (ow-REH-lee)

  9. AxelDanish version of Absalom

  10. Basilio Basil in Spanish

  11. Bernez — Breton for Bernard (BAYR-nes)

  12. Briac — Brian in Breton (BREE-ayk)

  13. Ciro Cyrus in Italian

  14. CorradoConrad in Italian

  15. Cristobal –- Christopher in Spanish, also Crisoforo

  16. Danilothe Slavic form of Daniel

  17. Daveth — Cornish variation of David

  18. Devi David in Breton (DAY-vee)

  19. Diego Spanish version of James

  20. Doolish—Manx variation of Douglas

  21. Eamon Edmund in Irish (AY-mon)

  22. EeroEric in Finnish

  23. Eetu Finnish form of Edward

  24. Etienne – Stephen in French

  25. Elihu Elijah in Hebrew

  26. Elio Italian form of Elijah

  27. Eliseo Elisha in Spanish and Italian

  28. EmrysWelsh version of Ambrose (EM-rees)

  29. Esteban Stephen in Spanish

  30. Etan Ethan in Hebrew

  31. Ettore Italian version of Hector

  32. FedericoFrederick in Italian and Spanish

  33. Felipe Spanish cognate of Phillip

  34. Gabor — Gabriel in Hungarian

  35. Gautier Walter in French

  36. Giotto Italian forGodfrey

  37. Giuliano Julian in Italian

  38. GwilymWelsh for William

  39. HamishJames in Scottish

  40. HarounArmenian form of Aaron

  41. HuwHugh in Welsh

  42. IainScottish version of John (EE-ayn)

  43. IlyaElijah in Russian

  44. Jaako — Finnish variation of Jacob

  45. Jacca – Jack in Cornish

  46. Jago Cornish for Jacob (JAHG-o)

  47. Jakez – Jack in Breton (ZHAH-kays)

  48. Jarl –Scandinavian form of Earl (yarl)

  49. Javier Xavier in Spanish, Portuguese (ha-bee-AIR)

  50. Jazon –Polish form of Jason (YAH-zon)

  51. Jeno Eugene in Hungarian (YEH-no)

  52. Jens John in Norwegian, Swedish and Danish

  53. JoostDutch nickname for Joseph (YOHP)

  54. Jori George in Provencal

  55. Jowan John in Cornish (JOO-an or JO-an)

  56. Jozua Dutch version of Joshua

  57. Juri George in Estonian (YOO-ree)

  58. KeoniHawaiian form of John (KEH-O-nee)

  59. Lars Laurence in Scandinavian

  60. LazzaroItalian form of Lazarus (laz-ZAH-ro)

  61. LorenzoLaurence in Italian and Spanish

  62. LucaItalian form of Luke

  63. LucanIrish for Lucius

  64. Luciano Lucian in Italian, Spanish

  65. Macsen/Maxen Maximus in Welsh

  66. Mateo Matthew in Spanish, Matteo in Italian

  67. Mikko Finnish form of Michael

  68. Niall Neil in Irish (NEE-al)

  69. Nils Swedish for Nicholas

  70. Odon Edmund in Hungarian

  71. Olivier French version of Oliver

  72. Orazio Horace in Italian

  73. Orlando — Italian cognate of Roland

  74. Paavo Paul in Finnish

  75. Padrig — Patrick in Welsh (PAHD-rig); Padraig in Irish (PAH-dreek)

  76. Paolo Italian version of Paul; in Spanish it’s Pablo

  77. Pavel Russian version of Paul

  78. Pawly — Paul in Cornish

  79. Piero Peter in Italian, also Pietro

  80. Piet Peter (Pete) in Dutch

  81. Raoul French version of Ralph (ra-OOL); Raul in Spanish

  82. Redmond Raymond in Irish

  83. Savvel – Russian form of Saul (SAH-vel)

  84. Seamus Irish form of James (SHAY-mus)

  85. Siarl– – Charles in Welsh ((SHARL)

  86. Simu—Romanian form of Simon

  87. TaaviDavid in Finnish

  88. TadeoThaddeus in Spanish, Taddeo in Italian (ta-DAY-o)

  89. TeodoroSpanish and Portuguese version of Theodore

  90. TomaThomas in Romanian

  91. UgoItalian for Hugo (OO-go)

  92. Uilleam—Scottish variant of William (OOL-yum)

  93. VanyaRussian pet form of Ivan

  94. Vasili Basil in Russian

  95. WillemWilliam in Dutch

  96. Wilmot—Manx version of William

  97. Xoan—John in Galician (zo-an)

  98. YaakovHebrew for Jacob

  99. Zacheo—Portuguese version of Zacharias/Zachary (_zash-EH-_o)

**100. ZalmanHebrew form of Solomon**

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