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The name Cyrus is a boy's name of Persian origin meaning "sun".
Cyrus is one of those surprising names that have always ranked among the Top 1000 boy names in the US. On an upward trend since the mid-90s, Cyrus now sits in that comfortable place between too popular and too unusual.

Long popular in the Iranian community, this name of the founder of the Persian Empire has had a more down-home, corncob pipe-smoking image for most Americans in the past, but today it's one of those antique names that sounds fresh again.

The powerful Cyrus the Great was the fifth century B.C. Persian leader who conquered Babylon to establish his empire. He is noted in the Old Testament as freeing the Jewish captives in Babylonia and permitting them to return to their homelands. Since his name is mentioned in the Old Testament, it was fashionable with the Puritans.

Cyrus McCormick was the inventor of the reaper, and Cyrus Vance was Secretary of State under Jimmy Carter. The name is also associated these days with singer Miley Cyrus.

Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy named their baby boy Cyrus, and there have been Cyruses on Gossip Girl, Law & Order and Scandal. Ciro is the catchy Italian version.
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Famous People Named Cyrus

  • Cyrus the GreatCyrus I of Anshan, and Cyrus the Younger, Kings of Persia
  • Cyrus Roberts VanceU.S. Secretary of State
  • Cyrus Roberts Vance Jr.New York District Attorney
  • Cyrus Danall GrayAmerican NFL football player
  • Cyrus Hall McCormickAmerican inventor
  • Cyrus Sylvester Frederick ChristieIrish footballer
  • Cyrus Berenice KouandjioAmerican NFL football player
  • Cyrus HabibAmerican politician; 16th Lieutenant Governor of Washington
  • Cyrus VillanuevaAustralian pop singer
  • Cyrus Rowlett "C. R." SmithAmerican former CEO of American Airlines
  • Cyrus Willard "Cy" KendallAmerican actor
  • Cyrus PeirceAmerican educator
  • Cyrus Cotton "Cy" HungerfordAmerican editorial cartoonist
  • Cyrus Alessandro Twomblyson of painter Cy Twombly
  • Cyrus Zachariah ShepherdOppenheim, son of actress Cybill Shepherd
  • Cyrus Michael Christopher Dancyson of actors Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy

Cyrus in Pop Culture

  • Cyrus Fawcettmain character in 2010 film "Cyrus"
  • Cyrus Foleycharacter on American soap "Guiding Light"
  • Cyrus "The Virus" Grissomcharacter in the 1997 film "Con,Air"
  • Cyrus Beenea character on TV's "Scandal"
  • Cyrus Goodmancharacter on TV's "Andi Mack"
  • Cyrus Lupoa detective on TV's "Law & Order"
  • Cyrus Roseminor character on TV's "Gossip Girl"
  • Cyruscharacter in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum
  • Cyrusa genie, on TV's "Once Upon a Time in Wonderland"
  • Cyrus Goldreal name of Solomon Grundy in DC Universe
  • Cyrus Pinkneycharacter in DC Universe
  • Cyrus Borgminor character in the LEGO Ninjago TV show
  • Cyrus Silkcharacter in Jenny Nimmo's "The Children of the Red King" series
  • Cyrus Bestcharacter in "The Sims" video game series
  • Cyrus DeBargemain character in 2012 film "Let it Shine"
  • Cyrus Montrosecharacter in "The Alienist"
  • Cyrus Albrighta character in the video game "Octopath Traveler"

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