Finnish variation of Eric
"eternal ruler"

Eero Origin and Meaning

The name Eero is boy's name of Finnish origin meaning "eternal ruler".
Creative gem perfect for an architect's son, in tribute to modern Finnish-American architect Eero Saarinen.

Eero Popularity

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Famous People Named Eero

  • Eero SaarinenFinnish,American architect
  • Eero Aarnio (born 1932)Finnish interior designer
  • Eero Aho (born 1968)Finnish actor
  • Eero AkaanPenttilä (born 1943), Finnish politician
  • Eero Antikainen (19061960), Finnish trade union leader and politician
  • Eero Berg (18981969), Finnish athlete
  • Eero Böök (1910–1990)Finnish chess player and engineer
  • Eero Elo (born 1990)Finnish ice hockey player
  • Eero Endjärv (born 1973)Estonian architect
  • Eero Erkko (18601927), Finnish journalist and politician
  • Eero Ettala (born 1984)Finnish snowboarder
  • Eero Haapala (born 1989)Finnish long jumper
  • Eero Haapalainen (c. 18801937), Finnish Communist leader
  • Eero Hämeenniemi (born 1951)Finnish composer, musician and writer
  • Eero Heinonen (born 1979)Finnish musician and bass player in The Rasmus
  • Eero Heinäluoma (born 1955)current Speaker of the Parliament of Finland
  • Eero Huovinen (born 1944)former Bishop of Helsinki
  • Eero Hynninen (born 1953)Finnish sprint canoer and Olympic competitor
  • Eero Hyvärinen (18901973), Finnish gymnast and Olympic competitor
  • Erik (Eero) Nikolai JärnefeltFinnish realist painter
  • Eero Kilpeläinen (born 1985)Finnish ice hockey goaltender
  • Eero Kilpi (18821954), Finnish actor
  • Eero Koivistoinen (born 1946)Finnish jazz musician and saxophone player
  • Eero Kolehmainen (born 1918)former Finnish cross country skier
  • Eero Korte (born 1987)Finnish football midfielder
  • Eero Lehmann (born 1974)German fencer and Olympic competitor
  • Eero Lehti (born 1944)Finnish politician and businessman
  • Eero Lehtonen (1898–1959)Finnish pentathlete
  • Eero Lohi (born 1927)Finnish modern pentathlete and Olympic competitor
  • Eero Loone (born 1935)Estonian philosopher
  • Eero Milonoff (born 1980)Finnish actor
  • Eero Mäkelä (19422008), Finnish chef
  • Eero Antero Mäntyranta (born 1937)Finnish skier and Olympic medalist
  • Eero Pekka Sakari Markkanen (born 1991)Finnish football player
  • Eero Naapuri (1918–1987)Finnish colonel and skier and Olympic competitor
  • Eero Nelimarkka (18911977), Finnish painter
  • Eero Palm (born 1974)Estonian architect
  • Eero Paloheimo (born 1936)Finnish designer, politician and university professor
  • Eero Peltonen (born 1986)Finnish football striker
  • Eero Ritala (born 1983)Finnish actor
  • Eero Roine (1904–1966)Finnish actor
  • Eero Saari (born 1928)Finnish professional ice hockey player
  • Eero Saarinen (1910–1961)Finnish,American architect
  • Eero Salisma (19161998), Finnish professional ice hockey player
  • Eero Savilahti (born 1992)Finnish ice hockey player
  • Eero SimoncelliAmerican computational neuroscientist
  • Eero Somervuori (born 1979)Finnish ice hockey forward
  • Eero Tapio (born 1941)Finnish wrestler and Olympic competitor
  • Eero Aarne Pekka Tarasti (born 1948)Finnish musicologist and semiotician
  • Eero Tuomaala (1926–1988)Finnish long,distance runner and Olympic competitor
  • Eero Väre (born 1984)Finnish ice hockey goaltender

Eero in Pop Culture

  • Eero Lahtiprotagonist of the 2005 Finnish film "Mother of Mine"