"to protect, shelter"

Akiva Origin and Meaning

The name Akiva is a boy's name of Hebrew origin meaning "to protect, shelter".

Akiva has a distinguished scholarly pedigree and a lovely meaning. Its softer sound is very on trend for masculine names at the moment and is in line with more familiar monikers like Ezra, Elijah and Theo.

Akiva Popularity

Famous People Named Akiva

  • Akiva ben Yoseffirst,century CE Jewish scholar and sage
  • Akiva (b. 2008)son of American actress Anne Dudek
  • Akiva "Kiv" SchafferAmerican actor, screenwriter, and director
  • Akiva Goldsmanfilm producer

Akiva in Pop Culture

  • Character in author Laini Taylor's DAUGHTER OF SMOKE AND BONE series.