Boys' Names Ending in -ah

Like Micah, Elijah and Judah - Created by Vana

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  • Abbah

    A variation of Abba, "father"

  • Abdallah

    (ahb-DAHL-lah, ahb-DOOL-lah) Arabic "servant of Allah"

  • Abdulah

    Bosnian form of Abdallah, "servant of Allah"

  • Abdullah

    Arabic “servent of Allah/God"

  • Abiah

    (uh-BIE-uh) form of Abijah, "my father is God"

  • Abijah

    (uh-BIE-juh) Hebrew "my father is God"

  • Adaiah

    (uh-DIE-uh) Hebrew "adorned by God"

  • Adonijah

    (ad-uh-NIE-juh) Hebrew "my lord is Yahweh"

  • Ah

    Chinese, no meaning, can be prefixed to another name to create a diminutive.

  • Alijah

    Spelling variation of Elijah, "my God is Yahweh"

  • Alvah

    (AL-vuh) Hebrew "his highness"

  • Asaiah

    Hebrew "God made me"

  • Aviyah

    Hebrew form of Abijah, "my father is God" (unisex)

  • Azaiah

    (uh-ZAY-uh, uh-ZIE-uh) Hebrew "my strength is God"

  • Azariah

    (az-uh-RIE-uh) Hebrew "God has helped"

  • Azaryah

    Hebrew form of Azariah, "God has helped"

  • Azriah

    Variation of Azariah, "God has helped"

  • Azuriah

    Variation of Azariah, "God has helped"

  • Abdollah

    Persian form of Abdallah, "servant of Allah"

  • Adinah

    Hebrew form of Adina, "slender, delicate"

  • Amariah

    (am-uh-RIE-uh) Hebrew "God has said"

  • Anah

    Hebrew "answer" (unisex)

  • Anaiah

    Hebrew "God answers"

  • Atallah

    Variant transcription of Ataullah, "gift of God"

  • Atalyah

    Original Hebrew form of Athaliah, "afflicted of God" (unisex)

  • Ataullah

    Arabic "gift of God"

  • Athaliah

    Hebrew "afflicted of God" (unisex)

  • Azaziah

    Hebrew "God is strong"

  • Benaiah

    (bih-NIE-uh, bih-NAY-uh) Hebrew "God has built"

  • Beriah

    A Biblical name

  • Barmah

    Place name

  • Chazaiah

    Hebrew "God has seen"

  • Chananyah

    Hebrew form of Hananiah, "God is gracious"

  • Chenaniah

    Variant of Kenaniah, "God establishes", used in the Old Testimate.

  • Delaiah

    (dih-lay-IE-uh) Hebrew "God has drawn"

  • Diklah

    Hebrew "palm tree" (unisex)

  • Elijah

    Hebrew "my God is Yahweh"

  • Elkanah

    (el-KAYN-uh) Hebrew "God has purchased"

  • Farah

    Arabic "joy" (unisex)

  • Gedaliah

    (ged-uh-LIE-uh) Hebrew "God is great"

  • Gemariah

    (gem-uh-RIE-uh) Hebrew "God has accomplished"

  • Hazaiah

    Form of Hazariah, "God has seen"

  • Hezekiah

    (hez-uh-KIE-uh) Hebrew "God strengthens"

  • Habibullah

    Arabic "friend of Allah"

  • Hananiah

    (han-uh-NIE-uh) Hebrew "God is gracious"

  • Havilah

    (HAV-ih-luh) Hebrew "stretch of sand" (unisex)

  • Hirah

    Hebrew "splendour"

  • Hizkiah

    Form of Hezekiah, "God strengthens"

  • Isaiah

    (ie-ZAY-uh, ie-ZIE-uh) Hebrew "God is salvation"

  • Isiah

    (ie-ZIE-uh) variant of Isaiah, "God is salvation"

  • Iah

    Egyptian "moon"

  • Jarah

    Hebrew "honeycomb and honeysuckle"

  • Jebediah

    A character from the Simpsons

  • Jedidiah

    (jed-ih-DIE-uh) Hebrew "beloved of God"

  • Jeremiah

    (jeh-reh-MIE-uh) Hebrew "God has uplifted"

  • Jonah

    (JOH-nuh) Hebrew "dove"

  • Jorah

    Hebrew "early rain"

  • Josiah

    (joh-SIE-uh) Hebrew "God supports"

  • Judah

    (JOO-duh) Hebrew "praised"

  • Jarrah

    From a tree

  • Jephthah

    (JEF-thuh) Hebrew "he opens"

  • Jeriah

    Hebrew "taught by God"

  • Kenaniah

    Hebrew "God establishes"

  • Micah

    (MIE-kuh) Contracted form of Micaiah, "who is like God?"

  • Micaiah

    (mie-KAY-uh, mih-KIE-uh) Hebrew "who is like God?"

  • Micajah

    Variant of Micaiah, "who is like God?"

  • Machlah

    Hebrew form of Mahlah, "weak" or "sick" (unisex)

  • Mahala

    Variant of Mahlah, "weak" or "sick", used in the Old Testimate

  • Mahlah

    (MAH-luh, MAY-luh) Hebrew "weak" or "sick" (unisex)

  • Mattaniah

    Hebrew "gift of God"

  • Methuselah

    (muh-THOO-zuh-luh) Hebrew "man of the dart"

  • Metusalah

    Variant form of Metusalem, "man of the sword, dart, weapon, spear'"

  • Miah

    Diminutive of Jeremiah, "God has uplifted"

  • Mikhah

    Hebrew form of Micah, "who is like God?"

  • Nakiah

    Arabic "pure"

  • Nehemiah

    (nee-huh-MIE-uh) Hebrew "comforted by God"

  • Neriah

    (nih-RIE-uh, nee-RIE-uh) Hebrew "lamp of God"

  • Noah

    (NO-uh) Hebrew "rest, comfort"

  • Nechemyah

    Hebrew form of Nehemiah, "comforted by God"

  • Nethaniah

    (neth-uh-NIE-uh) Hebrew "God has given"

  • Nogah

    Hebrew "brightness" (unisex)

  • Nurullah

    Arabic "light of Allah"

  • Obadiah

    (o-buh-DIE-uh) Hebrew "servant of God"

  • Ofrah

    Hebrew form of Ophrah, "fawn"

  • Ophrah

    (AWF-ruh) Hebrew "fawn"

  • Ovadyah

    Hebrew form of Obadiah, "servant of God"

  • Ptah

    (PTAH, PTAHKH) Egyptian "opener"

  • Quanah

    (KWAH-nuh) Comanche "fragrant"

  • Rajah

    Indian "prince, chief"

  • Salah

    Arabic "righteousness"

  • Sabah

    Arabic/Turkish "morning" (unisex)

  • Saifullah

    Arabic "sword of God"

  • Seraiah

    Hebrew "God is ruler"

  • Seyfullah

    Turkish form of Saifullah, "sword of God"

  • Shelah

    Hebrew "petition"

  • Shemaiah

    Hebrew "heard by God"

  • Shemayah

    Hebrew form of Shemaiah, "heard by God"

  • Terah

    (TEE-rah) Hebrew "wild goat" or "station"

  • Tobiah

    (toh-BIE-uh) Hebrew "God is good"

  • Tzefanyah

    Hebrew form of Zephaniah, "God is hidden"

  • Toviyyah

    Hebrew form of Tobiah, "God is good"

  • Tzivah

    Original Hebrew form of Ziba, "station"

  • Uriah

    (yoo-RIE-uh) Hebrew "God is my light"

  • Urijah

    Form of Uriah, used in some English versions of the Old Testament, "God is my light"

  • Utah

    American state name

  • Uzziah

    (uh-ZIE-uh) Hebrew "my power is God"

  • Uriyah

    Hebrew form of Uriah, "God is my light"

  • Uzziyyah

    Hebrew form of Uzziah, "my power is God"

  • Varah

    Surname of Medieval English and French origin, and is an occupational surname for a smith or a worker in iron.

  • Yehudah

    Hebrew form of Judah, "praised"

  • Yonah

    Hebrew form of Jonah, "dove"

  • Yarah

    Original Hebrew form of Jarah, "honeycomb" or "honeysuckle"

  • Yedidyah

    Hebrew form of Jedidiah, "beloved by God"

  • Zachariah

    (zak-uh-RIE-uh) variant of Zechariah, "God remembers"

  • Zebadiah

    (zeb-uh-DIE-uh) Hebrew "God has bestowed"

  • Zechariah

    (zek-uh-RIE-uh) Hebrew "God remembers"

  • Zedekiah

    (zeh-duh-KIE-uh) Hebrew "justice of God"

  • Zephaniah

    (zeh-fuh-NIE-uh) Hebrew "God has hidden"

  • Zerah

    Hebrew "dawning, shining"

  • Zekharyah

    Hebrew form of Zechariah, "God remembers"

  • Zevadyah

    Hebrew form of Zebadiah, "God has bestowed"