Russian variation of Nicholas
"people of victory"

Nikolai Origin and Meaning

The name Nikolai is a boy's name of Russian origin meaning "people of victory".

Russian forms, like Russian supermodels, are hot these days. This is a strong, worldly way to make Nicholas new; it was chosen for his son by Barry Bonds, Jr. Nikolai also comes with several attractive nickname options, including approachable Nik, spunky Niko, or even hip Kai. A traditional nickname for Nikolai in Russia is Kolya.

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Nikolai Popularity

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Famous People Named Nikolai

  • Nikolai William Alexander FrederikPrince of Denmark
  • Nikolai Philippe FraitureAmerican bassist of band The Strokes
  • Nikolai Vasilievich GogolRussian novelist and playwright
  • Nikolai Andreyevich RimskyKorsakov, Russian composer
  • (Nanhoï) Nikolai KinskiFrench,American actor
  • Nikolai Alexandrovich Kulikovskybrother,in,law of Tsar Nicholas II and son,in,law of Tsar Alexander III
  • Nikolai Volkoff (born Josip Nikolai Peruzović)Croatian pro wrestler
  • Nikolai Matveevich PozdneevRussian painter
  • Nikolai Nikolaevich BaskakovRussian painter

Nikolai in Pop Culture

  • Nikolaicharacter on TV's Six Feet Under
  • Nikolai Carpathiathe antichrist in the Left Behind series
  • Nikolai Delphikibrother of Julian "Bean" Delphiki in Orson Scott Card's "Ender's Game" series
  • Nikolai Lantsovcharacter in the Grisha Trilogy