English from French, d'Arcy
" from Arcy"

Darcy Origin and Meaning

The name Darcy is a boy's name of French, Irish origin meaning " from Arcy".

Though Darcy is the ultimate Jane Austen hero name, it is rarely used for boys today though it's on the upswing for girls. A shame as it's a handsome, roguish kind of appellation that combines elements of French flair, aristocratic savoir faire, and a soft Irish brogue. And in terms of image, it's one of the quintessential English names for boys.

# 899 in the US

Darcy Rank in US Top 1000

Darcy Popularity

Famous People Named Darcy

  • Darcy James BlakeWelsh footballer
  • Darcy Stephen WardAustralian motorcycle racer
  • Darcy DallasCanadian ice hockey player
  • Darcy FurberCanadian politician
  • Darcy HordichukCanadian ice hockey player
  • Darcy RibeiroBrazilian anthropologist and politician
  • Darcy TuckerCanadian ice hockey player
  • Darcy TadichAustralian actor
  • Darcy BryceAustralian actor

Darcy in Pop Culture

  • Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcya main character in Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice"
  • Mark Darcycharacter in book/film "Bridget Jones's Diary"
  • Darcy Meademinor character in Margaret Mitchell's "Gone with the Wind"
  • Darcy Hawthornecharacter in "The Mother Daughter Book Club" by Heather Vogel Frederick
  • Dr. Darcy Garlandcharacter on Canadian TV series "Murdoch Mysteries"
  • Darcy Williamsonmain character on the brazilian soap opera "Orgulho & Paixão"

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