Gender: Female Meaning of Ella: "all, completely; fairy maiden" Origin of Ella: German; English Ella's Popularity in 2019: #13

Ella Origin and Meaning

The name Ella is a girl's name of German, English origin meaning "all, completely; fairy maiden".

Ella has parallel derivations, first as the Norman variation of the Germanic Alia—itself a nickname for names containing the element ali. It’s also a Hebrew name, referring to a tree in the pistachio family or in modern Hebrew, “goddess.” In English speaking countries and Scandinavia, Ella developed as a diminutive for names beginning with El-, such as Eleanor and Elizabeth.

Following in the path of Emma and Isabella/Bella, Ella shot up the charts in the new millennium: it rose from Number 265 in 2000 to a high of Number 15 in 2013 and has stayed just outside the US Top 10, making it one of the most popular girl names starting with E, which includes Number 1 Emma, longtime favorites Emily and Elizabeth, and trendy short forms Ellie and Evie.

Ella has long been a fave of the glitterati—including the John Travoltas, the Warren Beattys, Ben Stiller, Eric Clapton, Jeff Gordon, Ioan Gruffudd, Alex Rodriguez, and Mark Wahlberg.

Iconic singer Ella Fitzgerald adds a jazzy edge. One other appeal of Ella: It sounds both vintage and modern at the same time. Although it hadn't been used much for a few generation and so sounds fresh, there are an awful lot of little girls named Ella running around—along with those called Ellie and Bella. So while it has much to recommend it, don't say we didn't warn you about Ella Enchanted's popularity.

And her popularity isn't limited to the US: Ella is Number 4 in Sweden and Number 6 in Australia.

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Rank in US: #13

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Pop Culture References for the name Ella

Ellie, Alia, Ellah, Ellia, Elly, Elley, Ela, Ellina, Elli, Ellamae, Elletta, Ellette, Elladine


Veronica_Cadence Says:


This is my favorite name! It just sounds so beautiful and soft. If I had a daughter I would name her Ella Frances in a heartbeat!

itsgotime Says:


Imma name my future children Ella and Kira and then show them Death Note and it will be much fun

indiefendi2 Says:


Nothing wrong with this name... it’s just awkward when speaking Spanish and you have to say “she” (ella) about a person named Ella.

Ella Says:


My name is Ella and my middle name is Joy.

Ella Says:


When I was born this was 413 and now it's 17.Thats the only thing I don't like about it.

Liz Kent Says:


Love this name, suits both sweet and boisterous personalities!

perdireinz Says:


When hearing this name I automatically think of the word "ela" which means "she" in Portuguese.

Myanover Says:


Love the name a lot if I had six girls I would name them Mara, Paige, Felicity, Joy, Ella,Ria very pretty name!!!😁

paulapuddephatt Says:


Lovely name, so sweet

Introverted Says:


My name is Ella and I love it, but I don't like the popularity of it. When I was born it wasn't popular at all, and now it is, and I really wish it weren't.

shannonkay Says:


I've always loved this name because it is Cinderella's real name.

Kazuto Kirigaya Says:


That's wonderful, I also have the three short names combined with Ella

TheHumanCanvas Says:


I love Ella, it's so classy!

HDFK Says:


Definitely one of my favorites at the moment. Grew up loving it, and somehow still do! (My taste often changes..) Love Emma too, but not its popularity. So Ella may just be a winner.

HDFK Says:


I'm with ya!

vintageisfave Says:


Simple, plain, and pretty, like Jane. Unfortunately, 4 out of the 5 Ella's I know are not as nice as their name.

georgiaO Says:


It sounds so graceful and soft! My little niece's name is Eleanor Rose but we call her Ella, and her baby sister's name is Lily Grace. Too cute!

athenamay24 Says:


This is my all time favorite name! My great grandmother's name was Agnes Luella, but everyone called her Ella. I think it would make a great beginning for a double name too, or as a nickname.

MegE Says:


Love this name!It sounds elegant & beautiful.❤

kpearl8 Says:


Ella Enchanted is one of my favorite books, so I have a soft spot for this one :)

flora_kate Says:


I love how Ella sounds sweet, simple, smart and strong all at the same time! Definitely not popular in my area; I would use it in a heartbeat!

Caroline Says:


I have a niece named Ella, very cute!

jojobabyberry Says:


I hate the way it sounds for some reason.

eveyalecia Says:


I really like this name, but always thought it sounded incomplete on its own. I always liked it better as a nickname for Eleanor of Daniella or something like that.

But, recently I paired it with a double middle name and fell in love! Ella Glory Lynn has moved to the top of my list! I love the three short names in a row. <3

onlythingbetterthanhairspray Says:


I was never aware that this was a popular name. I've only ever known one person named Ella, and the name suits her beautifully

unicornluvgirl Says:


I used to really like this name, then it kind of faded. But recently, I've started to start liking it a lot again. Maybe because of Lorde!

senseandsensibility Says:


Lovely name, tho sounds (just a bit!) plain to me. Short, sweet and easy to pronounce.

SparkleNinja18 Says:


I swear I hear this so much more than a name ranked at #15 should be heard. Is it just me, or does this sound incomplete to anyone else? My mom says it might be because I grew up with a little sister named Eliana...

raevynstar Says:


Good if you want a popular name that's not overly trendy (like Kayleigh or something).