Gender: Male Meaning of Dylan: "son of the sea" Origin of Dylan: Welsh Dylan's Popularity in 2019: #39

Dylan Origin and Meaning

The name Dylan is a boy's name of Welsh origin meaning "son of the sea".

Dylan was derived of the Welsh components dy and llanw, meaning “sea.” In Welsh mythology, Dylan was a legendary sea god who prompted all the waters of Britain and Ireland to weep when he died. The name came to prominence via the great Welsh poet Dylan Thomas, whose name Bob Dylan adopted in tribute.

Dylan still feels poetic and romantic after years of popularity. It still ranks highly on the charts, among the top boy names starting with D, so if you choose it, be aware that yours may not be the only Dylan in his class.

Several celebrities have sons named Dylan, including Welsh-born Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas, Kenneth 'Babyface' Edmonds and Nadia Comaneci.

Dillon is another popular spelling, though used only about 5% as often as Dylan.

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Pop Culture References for the name Dylan

Dillon, Dylon, Dillan, Dyllan, Dillen, Dylonn, Dylun, Dylen


Thenamedoctor4 Says:


Dylan is a class name, i know a friend called dylan great bloke, however he is friends with the infamous jordan, the worst person to ever exist, he makes me sick to my stomach, i weep uncontrollably when he is around. He hurts me endlessly. i saw him in portstewart one and he said, "Ive taken a right turn down strand crescent here ahhhh bullocks".

ParanoidAndroid Says:


This name will always remind me of this snot-nosed, whiney, wimpy, sexist douchebag who went to school with me. In 8th grade, he threatened to bomb the school because of he got a detention. Conceited incel at best. Dylan Klebold and Dylann Roof don’t do the name any more justice. Personally, I rank this name as the worst. Whereas Gaylord and Adolf are both obsolete, “Dylan” is grossly overused. Let’s just hope that the next dictator is named “Dylan” so the name can die out sooner.

algorerhythm Says:


I used this name for my now one year old son and it fits him perfectly.

BabyHall Says:


I find this name quite... bland in lack of words.

deusvult Says:


Due to memories I have of people with this name, to me Dylan/Dillon will always be a d**khead

Alaina Says:


Dylan is an alright name. But I would rather spell it like Dillon.

paulapuddephatt Says:


I love this name, but it's not my absolute favourite any more. It used to be my #1 boys' name, for a while. I know that there is the Bob Dylan association, and that is positive too, but I do particularly love the Dylan Thomas association.

LV51sfan91 Says:


Nameberry it does not mean "son of" means sea. All boy. Don't even see, heat or feel anything girly about this name. What's her nickname? Dill pickle? How pretty...

Maddylena Says:


I love Dylan! I hate that it's so popular, but I love Bob Dylan, which is why it's a top choice in my book

Haids1987 Says:


This name is so overused it doesn't even sound appealing to me anymore.

Loveislife23 Says:


A personal experience has ruined the name Dylan on a boy for me, but once I saw this name being used on a girl by some celebrities I can definitely see the appeal.

Zelliew Says:


I don't get the appeal

clairels Says:


I very much prefer this for a girl; it seems so much fresher.

Bobcat108 Says:


I didn't say it's the name's fault. I said that picking it for the name of the day is pretty poor timing. I also agree w/Other Alix...regardless of whether it was chosen today, a week ago, or six months ago, there are humans behind this site & someone ought to have noticed & replaced it w/another name. Use it as the Name of the Day in six months or so.

otheralix Says:


I think it's in line with TLC playing a Duggar marathon hours after the molestation scandal came to light. Maybe it was planned in advance but it's still something you should catch.

And no, it's not the name's fault this man committed terrorism but it is the responsibility of this site to make sure the people frequenting aren't hurt or offended by the choices made here.

It's an oversight, even if a coincidence.

KimiGrace Says:


I'm not sure Nameberry should be faulted for that. For all anyone knows, the names of the day are picked a week in advance. It's also not the name's fault that that young man chose to do such a heinous thing.

Bobcat108 Says:


Considering that this is the name of the Charleston church murderer, picking it for the name of the day is pretty poor timing.

lesliemarion Says:


If I never have to teach another Dylan of any gender, I will be thrilled. Nice name, used to death. And beyond.

headintheclouds Says:


This is one of the few name crushes of my early childhood that has still persisted to today! To me, Dylan hovers between being the dated 1980s name, the dad who's watching his kids named Jayden and Isabella on the playground today, to still being used for baby boys today and ranging from young teen to little boy.

Despite that, I still love this name- it's both accessible and popular with its -n ending, while also being rich with history and has a great meaning. It's similar to Tristan in that respect- which is also a big favorite of mine.

If I will use this name for a future son, it would probably be in the middle name spot, serving to honor both my parents, both of whose names mean "sea" in some form or another.

Chloe14 Says:


I love Dylan! I much prefer it on a little boy. Hate it on a little girl.