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Gender: M Origin of Atlas: Greek god name Atlas's Popularity in 2016: #403

Previously thought too powerful for a baby boy--who would have to be strong enough to carry the sky on his shoulders--Atlas has joined the pantheon of Greek and Roman god and goddess names now in the realm of possibility, along with Mars, Zeus and Hermes. It was one of the fast-rising names on the in recent years in the USA, jumping from oblivion in 2012 into the Top 500 in 2015, and reached Number 403 in 2016. Anne Heche was one of the first to make this audacious choice.

Famous People Named Atlas

Atlas Heche Tupper (b. 2009), son of actors Anne Heche and James Tupper
Atlas Norton (b. 2013), son of actor Edward Norton and producer Shauna Robertson
Atlas Hendrix Sanchez (b. 2014), son of musician Claudio Sanchez of band Coheed and Cambria
Charles Atlas (born Angelo Siciliano), Italian bodybuilder

Pop Culture References for the name Atlas

"Atlas Shrugged," novel by Ayn Rand
"Cloud Atlas," novel by David Mitchell; also the title of its 2012 film adaptation
Atlas, character in "BioShock"
Atlas, one of the co-op robots in "Portal 2"
Atlas Flynn, a young Irish laborer in William Trevor's 1971 novel "Miss Gomez and the Brethren"
J. Daniel Atlas, from the movie "Now You See Me"
Atlas, song by Coldplay
Atlas Corrigan, character from "It Ends with Us"
Atlas Fuller, character in Katharine McGee's "The Thousandth Floor" trilogy
'Atlas' (Year One, Year Two), an ongoing album project by Sleeping At Last