Top Unisex Names 2020

The top unisex names are led by Avery and Riley, both of which are currently more common among baby girls in the US. Nameberry defines unisex names as those given to the minority sex in at least ten percent of births in a given year.

Along with Avery and Riley, other popular unisex names include Ryan, Parker, Cameron, Angel, Jordan, Sawyer, River, and Rowan. The top truly gender-neutral names — those given to a single sex 35-65 percent of the time — are Parker, River, Charlie, Blake, and Emerson.

Unisex names are rising in popularity for both sexes. Many word names, surname names, and nature names are implicitly androgynous and are gaining ground among girls and boys. Traditionally gendered names that are recently unisex include August, Gianni, and Ira.

View the Nameberry-exclusive list of the most popular unisex names for babies today.

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