Irish Names

Irish baby names have long been popular in the US and are flourishing today in Ireland and far beyond, with cool Irish names such as Maeve and Finn finding international favor.

In the US, different waves of Irish names have come to our shores via immigration, with the old-school Irish names such as Bridget and Patrick arriving 100 years ago, giving way to the mid-century Irish-American kids named Kathleen and Kevin, Shannon and Sean. Today, the most popular Irish names in the US include Liam at Number 1 for boys and Riley in the girls' Top 25.

Irish names have become both more varied and sophisticated in Ireland and beyond.

Names popular in Ireland include Fia and Fionn, Saoirse and Darragh -- choices rarely heard beyond Dublin and Cork. In the US, the most popular Irish baby names today include Riley, Liam, Aiden, and Kennedy, with Liam an international favorite. Our full menu of Irish baby names both classic and modern, including Irish names for girls and Irish boys' names, is here.