Irish Names

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Irish baby names have become international stars, ranking near the top of popularity lists in Ireland and the US along with many other countries.

Liam is the top Irish name in the US, ranking Number 1 for boys.Along with Liam, Irish names in the US Top 100 for boys include Aiden, Ryan, Connor, and Brayden.

For girls, Riley is the top-ranked Irish baby name in the US.Along with Riley, Irish names in the US Top 100 for girls include Nora, Kennedy, Quinn, and Reagan.

Irish names enjoying international popularity include Liam, which ranks among the top names in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden and Norway as well as Canada, Australia and New Zealand.Finn ranks among the top names in the Netherlands while variation Fynn is on Germany’s most popular list, and Nora is the second most popular girls’ name in Norway.

The top baby names in Ireland include the Irish names Aoife, Saoirse, Oisin, and Cillian.

Irish names have emigrated from their native land in waves, with old-school Irish names such as Bridget and Patrick giving way to the mid-century Irish favorites Kathleen and Kevin, Shannon and Sean.

Browse our full menu of Irish baby names both classic and modern, including Irish names for girls and Irish boys' names, here.The top names below rank among the current US Top 1000 Baby Names and are ordered by popularity.Unique names rank below the Top 1000 and are listed alphabetically.
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Top Irish Names

  • Liam

    Liam originated as a nickname for Uilliam, the Irish variation of William. William is an English name from Germanic roots that was brought to Ireland when the British fled England following the... Read More 

  • Aiden

    Aiden is a variation of Aidan, the anglicized version of the Irish Aodhán. Aidan/Aodhán was originally a pet form of the Irish name Aodh (pronounced 'ee'), who was the old Celtic god of the sun... Read More 

  • Riley

    Riley originated as both an English and an Irish surname. The former was derived from British place names that got their names from the Old English words for “rye clearing.” Irish Riley is a... Read More 

  • Nora

    Nora has two separate origin stories, as a derivative of both Honora and Eleanor. The Irish and Anglo-Norman version derives from Honora, based on the Latin word honor. The Hungarians... Read More 

  • Ryan

    Ryan’s use as a given name was inspired by the surname Ryan, a variation of the Irish O’Riain meaning “son of Rían.” Rían is composed of the Irish-Gaelic elements , meaning “king” and... Read More 

  • Connor

    Connor, the appealing name of an early semi-legendary king of Ulster in Irish mythology, sits firmly in the Top 100 and taken together with its alternate spellings would rank even higher. In its... Read More 

  • Kennedy

    This attractive surname name still projects that Kennedy family charisma. While it didn't come into widespread use until long after the deaths of martyred heroes President John F. or Senator... Read More 

  • Nolan

    Nolan is one of the rising Irish surname names, in the spirit of Conan and Ronan, partially inspired by pitcher Nolan Ryan-- who was named Lynn at birth, after his father. Nolan is a cheerful,... Read More 

  • Carson

    Carson is one of the most long-running popular androgynous baby names, with a dash of the Wild West via the legendary Missouri frontiersman Kit... Read More 

  • Quinn

    Quinn is the Anglicized version of the Irish patronymic surname Ó Cuinn, meaning “descendent of Conn.” Conn has two possible derivations—the Old Irish cond, meaning “intellect,” or... Read More