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The top baby names in Phoenix for 2022 so far are Violet for girls and Theo for boys. Phoenix’s Number 1 girl name Violet only ranks in Phoenix. It is Number 35 on the official US baby name popularity list. Theo, currently Number 142 nationally, also ranks among the Top 10s in New York City, Chicago, and San Francisco.

Along with Clara and Jasper, many of the names among Phoenix’s favorites have a distinctively Victorian feel, such as Ophelia, Violet, Lavender, Theodore, and Cyrus.

Phoenix has the most in common with New York City baby names, with four names appearing on the popularity lists for both cities. Both cities include Aurelia, Maeve, and Aurora on their Top 10 lists for girls. Theo ranks for boys in both Phoenix and NYC.

Phoenix does not share any names with the official Top 10 popular names in Arizona.

Names unique to Phoenix’s Top 10 are, on the girls’ side, Violet, Ava, and Chloe. On the boys’ side, Phoenix favorites not among the top names anywhere else are Caleb, Cassius, Cash, Luca, Elias, and Dominic.

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