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New York City’s top baby names for 2023 so far are Maeve for girls and Theodore for boys. Several cool Gaelic choices near the top of New York’s popularity list. Maeve and Isla are the top two names for girls in New York, while Arlo ranks among the most popular names for New York boys.

New York City names are the most similar to Los Angeles baby names, with fifteen names overlapping between the two cities.

Comparing New York City's popular names to the official list of top New York names, the only name that makes the Top 10 in both the City and the State is Oliver.

New Yorkers especially like the name Eloise, like the little girl who lives at New York’s Plaza Hotel.

Here are the Top 10 New York City baby names by visitors to Nameberry from that city. You can also see all the top New York state names on new popular names by state page.

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New York City offers a lot of places, people, and themes to inspire baby names themed to the city. Here are some prime examples.

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