What to Name Your Libra Baby

September 25, 2016 E. Wittig

By E. Wittig

Autumn is here, and with it has arrived the first astrological sign of the season: Libra. Lasting from September 23rd to October 22nd, Libra’s totem is the scales of balance, the only nonhuman or animal object in the zodiac. Libras are elegant, charming people, well balanced and versed in relationships. Here is a prime collection of names for Libra babies.

Austrina – Our sister planet Venus rules the scales, shrouded in sulfuric acid and named for the goddess of love. Though moonless, the planet has numerous geological features with real-world names Austrina is a valley on Venus, as well as Venus’ Latvian name. Anthony, Theodora, and Guinevere are the more classic of these; less familiar choices include Morrigan, Wilde, Ayrton, and Merak.

Concordia – Names of balance and harmony are the most straightforward way to honor the scales. Concordia is an eponymous Roman goddess of harmony. One meaning of the Japanese Kazuki is “harmony and hope.” Also consider Atalanta, a legendary Greek character whose name derives from the word for balance. That word is transcribed as talanton; the name Talon therefore lends itself readily to a young Libra.

Justice – Virgo’s Lady Justice is the holder of the Libran scales. Along with balance, the scales symbolize fairness. Adalet and Zedekiah mean justice in Turkish and Hebrew respectively. For a more literal approach, word names Justice and Just do just as well.

Kerensa – Armed with kindness and a gentle disposition, those born under Venus are well versed in love and friendship. Kerensa is the Cornish word for love. Arthurian epics give us the knight Gareth, whose name is Welsh for “gentle,” Vieno and Clement are other names meaning “gentle,” and the Irish Caoimhe (Keeva) is “gentle and kind.”

Methuselah – In the Libra constellation exists the galaxy’s oldest star. This star has the appropriate name of Methuselah, a man in the Christian Bible known for his old age. Other stars of the scales include Akrab and Kiffa.

Peridot – Among the many symbols representing the scales, the gemstone chrysolite, or peridot, is the foremost. Peridot itself is an underrated name; a beautiful green stone, Greek paiderôs, meaning “child” and “love” is a suggestion for its uncertain etymology. As the name is pronounced with a silent -t, Doe makes a unique nickname alternative to Perry. Opal and Sapphire are other Libra gems.

Sebastian – While names meaning “elegant” are hard to come by, there is no shortage of graceful names for a Libra baby. Look for names with length and history, like Sebastian and Adelaide. Evangeline, Julian, Francesca, and Genevieve all hit the elegant sweet spot.

Toby – Those born in the first third of autumn hold the Libran scales. October is an interesting new month name with Toby a familiar short form; Octavia is a traditional twist on the name. As the beginning of autumn is associated with the turning of the leaves, tree names are perfect for a Libra. Alder, Linden, and Hawthorn are a few examples.

Violet Violet, Lilac, and Larkspur are among the sign’s many flowers. Winged animals also represent the Libra, so look for avian names like Wren, Peregrine, Dove, and Drake. Butterflies are another winged source; genera Callicore, Abraxas, Nica, and Issoria all fall into great naming territory.

Yaling – The brilliant green hue Jade is one color of this sign. Yaling does double duty as a Libra name; it can be written with the Chinese characters for “elegant” and “jade.” Dark, calming shades of blue also represent Libra, so color names Cobalt, Azure, and Liberty suit those born under the scales.

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