KO-zee-ma or KOSS-I-ma
Italian feminine variation of Cosmo, Greek
"order, beauty, universe"

Cosima Origin and Meaning

The name Cosima is a girl's name of Greek origin meaning "order, beauty, universe".

Cosima, the kind of elegant and unusual name the British upper classes love to use for their daughters, is given to a handful of baby girls in the US after being chosen by two high-profile celebs in the same month; cool couple Sofia Coppola and Thomas Mars as well as supermodel Claudia Schiffer. It was used earlier by celebrity chef Nigella Lawson, while the male form, Cosimo, was given to the son of Marissa Ribisi and Beck.

The most famous Cosima in history had strong musical ties — Cosima Wagner was the daughter of composer Franz Liszt and the wife of composer Richard Wagner. Cosima is well used in Germany, Italy and Greece, but in the US, it was given to only ten baby girls in 2021, the same number who got the name in 2010.

A note on pronunciation: in Germany, Italy, and Spain, they say KO-zee-ma, like cozy ma. In the UK, they rhyme the first syllable with boss. In the US, you can do whatever you want.

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Famous People Named Cosima

  • (Francesca Gaetana) Cosima (Liszt) Wagnerdaughter of Hungarian composer Franz Liszt; second wife of German composer Richard Wagner
  • Cosima von Bülow PavoncelliBritish socialite and philanthropist; daughter of Claus and Sunny von Bülow.
  • Cosima De VitoAustralian pop singer.
  • Cosima ShawGerman actress.
  • Cosima von BoninGerman visual artist.
  • Cosima LittlewoodEnglish actress.
  • Cosima Diamond (b. 1994)daughter of cook Nigella Lawson and journalist John Diamond.
  • Cosima Björn (b. 1997)daughter of supermodel Nadja Auermann and Olaf Björn.
  • Cosima Mars (b. 2010)daughter of filmmaker Sofia Coppola and musician Thomas Mars.
  • Cosima Rose Alexandra Windsor (b. 2010)daughter of Alexander Windsor, Earl of Ulster.
  • Cosima Violet Vaughn (b. 2010)daughter of supermodel Claudia Schiffer.

Cosima in Pop Culture

  • Cosima Niehauscharacter on TV's "Orphan Black" (pronounced "koh,SEEM,uh"), named after the show's real,life science contributor, Cosima Herter
  • "Cosima" novel by Grazia Deledda