Penn Origin and Meaning

The name Penn is a boy's name of Celtic origin meaning "enclosure".

This simple, elegant name offers something for many kinds of parents, from writers and history buffs to photographers to Pennsylvania dwellers. Most famous bearers are comedian Penn Jillette and Gossip Girl hottie Penn Badgley, both of whom were given this distinctive name at birth. Long obscure, Penn seems destined for greater usage.

More familiar as a surname, Penn has had a number of distinguished bearers, including Pennsylvania founder William, director Arthur, photographer Irving, and actor/activist Sean.

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Penn Popularity

Famous People Named Penn

  • Penn Dayton BadgleyAmerican actor
  • Penn Fraser JilletteAmerican illusionist and comedian
  • William PennEnglish founder of the U.S. state of Pennsylvania
  • Sean Justin PennAmerican actor and activist
  • Kal PennAmerican actor and civil servant

Penn in Pop Culture

  • Penn Cagemain character in the series by Greg Iles
  • Pennyweather "Penn" a character in "Fallen" by Lauren Kate
  • "Penn Zero: PartTime Hero," animated series and its main character
  • Pennselkie in the "Watersong" series by Amanda Hocking
  • Pennshort form of the U.S. state of Pennsylvania