English word name
"month name"

October Origin and Meaning

The name October is a girl's name meaning "month name".

What is so rare as a month named June? October – and November and December – are a lot rarer. Brisk and substantial, they're so much more memorable and modern than April or May. October got its name via being the eighth month in the old Roman calendar. Some related, more feminine variations are Octavia and Ottavia.

October was chosen by innovative author/editor Dave Eggers and wife Vendela Vida for their daughter. And Neil Gaiman wrote a story personifying the month in his collection Fragile Things entitled October in the Chair.

October Popularity

20 Names Similar to October

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Famous People Named October

  • October Graydaughter of Paul Gray, late bassist of the band Slipknot
  • October Jones (male)British artist
  • October Gonzalezwife of football player Tony Gonzalez

October in Pop Culture

  • October "Toby" Dayemain character in series of novels by Seanan Maguire
  • Octobercharacter in the game "Cthulhu Saves the World"
  • Octobercharacter in the 2006 film "Stay Alive," played by Sophia Bush

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