Jamal Origin and Meaning

The name Jamal is a boy's name of Arabic origin meaning "beauty".

Jamal is an Arabic boys’ name meaning "beauty." Jamal and its variants are popular in the Muslim community, although Jamal’s popularity within the US has decreased in recent years.

Jamal has been used for at least one memorable character: the young hero of the 2008 film Slumdog Millionaire. Other variations are the Bosnian Džemal (prn: Jemal) and Egyptian Gamal.

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Jamal Popularity

Famous People Named Jamal

  • Jamal CharlesAmerican NFL football player
  • Jamal Dasuki IdrisAustralian Rugby League football player
  • Jamal (Phillips)American rapper
  • Jamal Bush aka RockAmerican rapper
  • Jamal Lafitte LewisAmerican NFL football player
  • Jamal adDin al,Afghani, Iranian political activist & Islamic ideologist
  • (Aaron) Jamal CrawfordAmerican basketball player
  • Jamal AbroPakistani Sindhi writer
  • Jamal KhwajaIndian philosopher
  • Jamal WoolardAmerican actor, rapper & comedian
  • Jamal NebezKurdish linguist, mathematician & writer
  • Jamal MashburnAmerican basketball player
  • Jamal Aziz OthmanSwiss figure skater
  • Jamal ShipmanSurvivor: Island of the Idols contestant

Jamal in Pop Culture

  • Jamal Malikmain character in film "Slumdog Millionaire"
  • Jamal Lyoncharacter on TV's "Empire"
  • Jamal Wallacecharacter in film "Finding Forrester"