Vintage Nicknames: Boys’ Edition

Last week we blogged about vintage nicknames for girls; now it’s boy time.

Nicknames are tres chic these days, which is why it makes sense to search for new old sources for fresh examples.  Here, choices from a long list of vintage nicknames from 18th and 19th century America from the Connecticut State Library.

Not only are some of the proper names used in Colonial and Victorian times now rarely heard, but the nicknames may be antiquated too.

I’ve left off the predictable choices like Rob for Robert or Jack for John  What’s here are  either surprising combinations or short forms for still-used names that are in danger of becoming obscure.

Here, some vintage nicknames that will distinguish you from the Jakes, Charlies and Wills currently heard in every pediatrician’s office.

NICKNAME / Proper Names

AUGIE / August

BAT / Bartholomew

BIGE / Abijah

CAGER / Micajah

CHAN / Chauncey

CON / Cornelius

CUDDY / Cuthbert

CY / Cyrus (okay, this one isn’t so weird, I just really like it)

DIRCH / Derrick

DOB, DOBBIN / Robert

EBEN / Ebenezer

FANNY / Nathaniel (don’t you dare)

FATE, FAYETTE / Lafayette

FINNEY / Phineas

HAL / Harold, Henry (another favorite)

HAM / Hamilton

HANK / Henry

HY / Hiram

IKE / Isaac

KIAH / Hezekiah

KIT / Christopher

LIG, LIGE, LIJE / Elijah

MAL / Malachi, Malcolm

NED / Edward, Edwin

OBED / Obediah

OLLIE / Oliver

PADDY / Patrick

RIAH or RYE/ Zachariah

SANDY / Alexander

SI / Josiah, Cyrus

TAD / Thaddeus

TIAH / Azariah

THEO / Theophilus

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