English word name or diminutive of Araminta, English from Greek and Latin
"mint; defender; yielding to prayer"

Mint Origin and Meaning

The name Mint is a girl's name meaning "mint; defender; yielding to prayer".

You may be tempted to scoff at Mint as another wacky celebrity baby name — it was used by Dutch model Romee Strijd for her daughter in 2020 — but it's a far more legitimate choice than many would guess. Minty baby names for girls are having a style moment in Nordic countries — Mynte is a Top 50 name in Denmark, and Minttu ranks in Finland's Top 50. It's ultimately not so surprising that a well-traveled international star would choose to use the English variation of these names for her daughter.

Mint can also be considered a diminutive of the English name Araminta — a hybrid of Arabella and Aminta — invented by William Congreve for a character in his comedy The Old Bachelor.

Mint Popularity