English and Scottish
"council protector"

Vinnie Origin and Meaning

Variation of Melvin

Vinnie Popularity

Famous People Named Vinnie

  • Vinnie Paz (born Vincenzo Luvineri)American rapper of group Jedi Mind Tricks
  • Vincent Peter "Vinnie" JonesBritish actor and footballer
  • Vincent "Vinnie" ColaiutaAmerican drummer
  • Vinnie Vincent (born Vincent John Cusano)American guitarist formerly of Kiss
  • Vincent Eugene "Vinnie" ClarkAmerican NFL football player
  • Vincent "Vinnie" MooreAmerican guitarist of English band UFO
  • Vincent William "Vinnie" PestanoAmerican baseball player
  • Vincent Paul "Vinnie" AbbottAmerican drummer of metal bands Pantera, Damageplan and Hellyeah

Vinnie in Pop Culture

  • Vince "Vinnie" Monkscharacter on British soap "EastEnders"
  • Vincent Alexandros "Vinnie" Pattersoncharacter on Australian soap "Home and Away"
  • Vincent "Vinnie" Barbarinocharacter on TV's "Welcome Back, Kotter"
  • Vince "Vinnie" Vicentea character from the CW's Supernatural
  • Vinnie Dakotatime traveller from "Milo Murphy's Law"

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