Diminutive of Gwendolen/Gwendolyn
"white circle"

Gwen Origin and Meaning

The name Gwen is a girl's name of Welsh origin meaning "white circle".

While Gwen may have originated as a short form of Gwendolen and Gwendolyn, these days it frequently stands on its own. Rocker Gwen Stefani has given it a shot of cool, and parents are choosing it as a standalone more and more often—Gwen hopped back onto the US Top 1000 in 2013 after an absence of over 30 years. Gwen could also be short for Guinevere.

# 815 in the US

Gwen Rank in US Top 1000

# 472 on Nameberry

Gwen Rank in Nameberry Top 1000

Gwen Popularity

Famous People Named Gwen

  • Gwen Renee StefaniAmerican singer and fashion designer
  • Gwendolynne Sophia "Gwen" MooreU.S. Congresswoman from Wisconsin
  • Gwendolyn "Gwen" GuthrieAmerican singer,songwriter
  • Gwendolen Mary "Gwen" JohnWelsh artist
  • Gwendolyn "Gwen" IfillAmerican journalist
  • Gwyneth Evelyn "Gwen" VerdonAmerican actress and singer
  • Gwendolyn Lee "Gwen" daughter of singer Tammy Wynette
  • Gwen Jorgensen2016 US Triathlon Olympic Gold Medalist
  • Gwen FrosticAmerican artist
  • Gwen Choidancer from Project 21

Gwen in Pop Culture

  • Gwen Stacylove interest of Spider,Man
  • Gwen Coopercharacter on TV's "Torchwood"
  • Gwen Dawsoncharacter on TV's "Downtown Abbey"
  • Gwendolyn 'Gwen' Tennysoncharacter on animated series "Ben 10"
  • Gwen Graysoncharacter in 2005 movie Sky High
  • Gwen Raidencharacter on TV's "Angel"
  • Gwen Norbeck Munsoncharacter on American soap "As the World Turns"
  • Gwen Van Osburghcharacter in Edith Wharton's "The House of Mirth"
  • Gwen Thompsoncharacter in American Girl's "Chrissa Stands Strong"
  • Gwencharacter in movie "Ghost Town"
  • Gwen Cummingscharacter in movie "28 Days"
  • Gwen Hinescharacter in animated movie "Arthur Christmas"
  • Gwennickname of Guinevere on TV's "Merlin"
  • Gwen Campbellcharacter on TV's "Supernatural"
  • Gwencharacter on animated series "Total Drama"
  • "Gwenor the Book of Sand," French animated film
  • Gwen Verecharacter in Foz Meadows' "Manifold Worlds" series
  • Gwendolyn 'Gwen' Frost from The Mythos Academy series
  • Gwendolyn “Gwen”character in the Rooster Teeth animated series "Camp Camp"

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