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Trip Origin and Meaning

The name Trip is a boy's name .

This began as a nickname, usually for someone who was a "third," as in William III. But in an age where any noun goes, this could be thought of as representing a little voyager -- hopefully not into psychedelic realms.

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Trip Popularity

Famous People Named Trip

  • Trip Lee (born William Lee Barefield III)American rapper
  • John R. "Trip" Adler IIIAmerican founder of Scribd
  • William Murray "Trip" Hawkins IIIAmerican founder of Electronic Arts
  • Ernest W. "Trip" Kuehne IIIAmerican golfer

Trip in Pop Culture

  • Charles "Trip" Tucker IIIcharacter on TV's "Star Trek: Enterprise"
  • Antoine "Trip" Triplettcharacter in Marvel's Agents of SHIELD
  • Trip Fontainecharacter in Jeffrey Eugenides' "The Virgin Suicides"
  • Tripcharacter on TV's Time Force Power Rangers
  • Tripcharacter in the Pokémon anime
  • Tripmain character in 2013 film Metallica Through the Never
  • Tripmain character of video game drama "Facade"
  • Tripterm for a psychedelic drug experience