Best O Names for Boys

Best O Names for Boys

Boy names that start with O have been getting a lot of love recently, from vintage revival Oliver to modern favorite Owen. However, there are many O names that have yet to reach the US, but which have endless potential and charm. Here are 15 outstanding O names that we would love to see get some love.


Tree names are some of the trendiest nature names today, from Rowan to Juniper to Willow. Why not Oak? This short but sturdy name feels grander than the trendy surname Oakley. Oak is a symbol of solidity, strength, and longevity — all great virtues to bestow upon a child. Surname Oakes is another cool option.


Oberon’s colorful history includes a leading role in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream and in several operas, right up to a character in Disney’s animated Gargoyles. Oberon is also one of the Shakespeare-inspired moons of Uranus, giving it some astronomical cred.


Names that mean water are in for both girls and boys, from River to Lake to Ocean. Ocean feels chic, stylish, and makes a statement for sure. He entered the Top 1000 for the first time for boys in 2020, and for girls in 2021. Irish Oisin (pronounced "oh-SHEEN") has a similar sound, but holds the sweet meaning "little deer".


Octavia is on the rise for girls, all the way up to number 248. Her male counterpart Octavian, meaning "eighth", has a lot of potential too. Another Latin alternative, Octavius, is the birth name of the emperor Augustus Caesar. Octavio is another attractive variation.


The supreme Norse god of art, culture, and wisdom, Odin is right on trend with its O beginning and N ending — and could follow on the heels of Owen. He’s now Number 327 in the US (by far the record high), 39 in Norway, and 188 with the Berries, making him one of the hottest mythological names.

Top O Names for Boys in the US


Ogden is a rarely used English surname meaning "from the oak valley". The humorous poet Ogden Nash is the best-known namesake. Ogden charted only one year in the US, ranking at 982 in 1907.


This Hebrew name has a soft, pleasant sound. Omri means "my sheaf", related to the harvest. It is the name of a king in Israel in the Old Testament, who brought stability to the country and expanded its borders.


We often hear complaints that there are no good flower or gem names for the boys. Well, one candidate we nominate is Onyx, with its dynamic and powerful x ending. Literary cred includes an appearance in Ursula Le Guin’s books about the world of Earthsea. And an early role-playing video game was 1984's The Black Onyx.


A name with both mythological and celestial links, Orion is a shooting star. It went from Number 996 in 1991 to its current rank of 368, and its further upswing seems inevitable. Orion is one of the brightest constellations in the night sky and is featured in series such as Harry Potter and Artemis Fowl. Orion could make a namesake name for an uncle Ryan.


Though Orson Welles’ original first name was George, his middle name became almost a single-name signature for the maker of Citizen Kane. With its ‘bear cub’ meaning, stylish "-on" ending and rotund image, Orson is now a viable possibility. Both Paz Vega and Lauren Ambrose are moms of Orsons. And if you’re looking for something distinctive, Orson has been off the list since 1901.

Unique Boy Names Starting With O


Oscar, a round and jovial choice, is a grandpa name that's fast taking over from such urban trendies as Max and Sam. Actors Hugh Jackman and Gillian Anderson chose Oscar for their sons. Oscar may bring to mind the renowned poet Oscar Wilde, the academy awards, or the grouchy puppet. Cool nicknames Oz and Ozzy make Oscar feel modern again.


One of the most underrated place names, Oslo is the capital city of Norway. The energetic "-o" ending is right on trend, in line to follow Hugo, Arlo, Milo, and their cousins in their rises in popularity. Otto is another stylish international choice with bookend o's that is ripe for revival.


Jazzy Otis is having a real renaissance, thanks to its appealing combo of strength and spunk. Well used at the turn of the last century — it even entered the Top 100 a couple of times — but then fell off completely a century later. Now it’s back, ranking at 647 in the US, and 34 on Nameberry. And it’s only been helped by being picked by such celebrities as Tobey Maguire and Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis.


One of the coolest and most intriguing biblical names out there, Ozias may be just what parents are looking for. That long "i" sound is in many of the trending biblical names today, from Josiah and Jeremiah to Silas and Cyrus. Throw in the jazzy nicknames Oz and Ozzy, and you've got yourself a winner. Similar sounding Osiris is the name of an Egyptian god who dies and is reborn every year.


This jazzy nickname can be short for Oscar, Oswald, Osborn, Osmond — or it can stand on its own. Hard-core rocker Ozzy (born John) Osbourne might not be everyone's idea of a role model, but his nickname name, along with others like Iggy and Izzy, are now on trend. Ozzy entered the Top 1000 in 2021, rising fast up to 712.

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