Top Hebrew Names

Hebrew baby names, many of them rooted in the Bible are among the most ancient and most widely-used in the Western World. The top Hebrew names in the US are Noah for boys and Isabella, which is rooted in the Hebrew Elizabeth, for girls, both Number 1 names in recent years..

Along with Isabella, Hebrew names in the US Top 200 for girls include Ariel, Delilah, Eliana, Eva, and Naomi. For boys, Hebrew names in the US Top 100 include Asher, Elijah, Jacob, Levi, and Noah. In Israel, popular names include Tamar, Shira, Uri, and Noam.

Many names that are the most classic and widely-used in English-speaking countries have Hebrew roots. These traditional Hebrew names include Sarah, Anne, and Mary for girls, along with James, John, and Michael for boys.

If you’re searching for Hebrew names for your baby or simply want to survey all the options with roots in ancient languages and cultures, here is the full range of Hebrew name choices in our database. You can also browse our lists of Hebrew girl names and Hebrew boy names.
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