November Names Inspired by Nature

November Names Inspired by Nature

Our November birth announcements are here, and we’re thrilled to welcome eight new baby girls and four boys to the Nameberry community!

Fittingly for a time of year when nature is making its presence felt, names inspired by the natural world are a strong theme among our November arrivals. From botanical names like Briar and Violet, to gemstone names like Ione, to sea and sky names like Morwenna and Stella, the girls’ names chosen by our members in November celebrate nature in all its forms.

The hottest middle-name trend of the month is definitely the “ay” vowel sound! A full half of our twelve new arrivals received a middle name containing this sound: Rae (and Rey), Hazel, Mavyn, May and Davis. We already know that Rae and May are two of the biggest stars of the middle name scene right now – but could this be a wider trend to watch? The Berries are often ahead of the curve!

Here, without further ado, are all the November birth announcements shared by Nameberry members on our forums.

Girl Names

Aliya Rae Josette

Josette has a really special meaning to me. I chose this name to honor my older brother. He died in November 2019. His name was Nathaniel Joseph. I fell in love with the idea that I could somehow honor my brother in my daughter’s name, I feel like Josette does this perfectly.”

Briar Hazel, sister to Willow James Ardith

Briar already has an adorable nickname: Bee. We decided to use Hazel because it honors an important family member and it’s a stunning autumnal name. Who doesn’t like swirling leaves, crisp nights and pumpkins?”

Eleanor Ann

Eleanor because we love the name, Ann because she will be the fifth generation of Ann/Annie on her mums side and has a Grandma Anne on her dad’s side.”

Miriwyn Mavyn, sister to Addison Joy, Titus Grant, Eleanor Kairsey, Willa-Jane Beatrice and Odette Nia

“Miriwyn is adapted from Merewen, which I discovered on Nameberry while name browsing and fell in love with – an Old English name meaning ‘sublime delight’, which suits what I’m feeling since her birth perfectly!”

Morwenna Ottilie Alba, sister to Mairead Kallista Isolde and Fergus Galahad Locke

“We chose Morwenna because the meanings ‘maiden’ and ‘waves of the sea’ remind me of the birth of Venus, the arrival of beauty. Ottilie because of its strength and dad is a journalist. Alba to honor Scottish heritage but also because it shares a root with Albion, the once and future land of perfect peace and justice. It felt like a good wish considering the times she’s been born into.”

Odeleiah Ione

“I had never heard the name Odelia until I found it on Nameberry and instantly fell in love with it! Nicknames include DeDe, Deals, and Odie-Pop, but we use her full name a lot and she could go by Leah as she gets older if she wants. Changed the spelling slightly because all five our children’s names have eight letters and that has become very important to me.”

Stella May, sister to Lily, Chase, Zack and Drew

“She was always our little Stella, even though we still ‘took’ the name Sophie with us to the hospital. I think that helped alleviate the pressure of people judging our name picks! It was a run around for her middle name but ultimately May won due to the direct connection to the month, which was why we were using it in the first place.”

Violet Rey, sister to Samuel Dean

Violet has been a favorite name of mine since I met a toddler with the name in the early 2000s and it is one of the only names my picky husband loved instantly. Rey was a tougher choice to make. I was reading Nameberry birth announcements to my husband one day and there was a baby girl with the middle name Rae. My husband really liked it, but said we should spell it Rey because of the Star Wars character.”

Boy Names

Arlo Alexander, brother to August Nicholas

“Thank you to everyone here who helped me with names and gave so many suggestions. I spent more time trying to find girl names but he ended up being a boy after all of that!”

Cruz Peter, brother to Scout Valentine

“We were team green this pregnancy and struggled big time with boy names. Baby Cruz came home from hospital nameless as we’d hit an impasse and I felt I’d suggested every name under the sun! I’m not even sure who suggested Cruz in the end, but it became my favourite. And hubby wanted to honour his dad with Peter as a middle name.”

Elliott Reese

“There was just something about Elliott Reese that stuck with me. It seems so versatile – like this baby can grow up to be whoever he wants to be and the name would fit. It also felt sophisticated and while I have heard its a vintage comeback name, I have never met another Elliott and no one I have talked to has either so it feels fresh.”

Luke Davis, brother to Grant, William and Mae

Luke was a name we both loved and felt was a good fit with our older kids’ names and Davis is my maiden name. He came three weeks early so we had to have a decisive name talk on the way to the hospital between contractions!”

Congratulations to all the proud new parents!

If you’d like your child’s name to be featured in one of our Babyberry blog posts, you can tell us the name you chose and the story behind it on our Birth Announcements forum. We love hearing all the wonderful names our members are using!

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