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Gender: Male

The name Albion is a boy's name . Albion and is often added to lists like College Baby Names and discussed in our forums with posts like "Picky Parents BNG".

Variation of Alban

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Famous People Named Albion

Albion Winegar Tourgée, American soldier, Radical Republican, activist
Russell Albion "Russ" Meyer, American film director
Albion Fellows Bacon, American female social reformer
Albion Parris Howe, Union Army general in the American Civil War

Pop Culture References for the name Albion

"Albion" is the oldest known name for the island of Great Britain
Albion is one of the most common pub names in England
Albion features in the name of several British football and rugby clubs
Albion, character in the mythology of William Blake


autumnreverie Says:


This is the oldest known name for the island of Great Britain.

autumnreverie Says:


This is NOT a variation of Alban.

FantasyandPrayer Says:


West Bromwich, anyone?

kyseitz Says:


Where I live there is a popular Swim/Fitness line of clothing titled Albion Fit and there is also an Albion Ski Resort. So the name, though it hasn't quite caught on yet, wouldn't be too obscure around here. People would see it and know how to pronounce it right away.

JustBrowsing Says:


1. Yes to medieval kingdom - in the tales of King Arthur the land was Albion (the old name for England)
2. Completely unrelated, but could you be thinking of Albi the Racist Dragon?

NaomiNY Says:


What a cool name :)

faithnamer Says:


I like this name. It sounds like the name of a medieval kingdom and why does the nickname Alby sound so familiar?