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Gender: F Meaning of Isolde: "ice ruler" Origin of Isolde: Welsh

Now that Tristan has been rediscovered, maybe it's time for his fabled lover in the Arthurian romances and Wagnerian opera, a beautiful Irish princess, to be brought back into the light as well.

This would make an artistic and romantic choice, as the medieval heroine is seen as a symbol of undying--if unhappy--love.

In Marilyn French's novel The Women's Room, the character Isolde is nicknamed Iso. Isolde is currently a Top 500 name in the Netherlands.

Variations include Iseult, Isolt, Isoud, Isolda and Yseult.

Famous People Named Isolde

Isolde Kostner, Italian figure skater
Isild Le Besco, French actress

Pop Culture References for the name Isolde

Isolde, main character in Arthurian legend "Tristan and Isolde"
Isolde "Izzy" Brannick, main character in Rachel Hawkins' School Spirits series
Arlessa Isolde, minor character from the video game 'Dragon Age: Origins'

Ysotte, Isottotte, Isold, Isolte, Isolt, Yseuhe, Yseult, Ysolda, Iseult, Ysolde, Yseut

Isolde's International Variations

Esylit (Welsh) Isolda (Spanish) Isotta (Italian)