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Gender: F Meaning of Alba: "white" Origin of Alba: Latin

Alba is quietly making a behind-the-scenes comeback, perhaps thanks to actress turned baby-product mogul Jessica Alba. Last on the Top 1000 a century ago, the name was given to more than 150 baby girls in the US last year. Alba might be tomorrow's successor to Ava and Ella. In Spain, Alba ranks among the Top 10 girls' names. Alba is the name of a character in The Time Traveler's Wife.

Famous People Named Alba

Alba Gaïa Kraghede Bellugi, French actress
Alba Milana, Italian distance runner
(Alba) Giselle Blondet (Gomez), Puerto Rican actress and TV host
Alba Joy Firebrace, daughter of Nirrimi Hakanson (blogger, photographer)
Alba Violet Bale, daughter of Welsh soccer player Gareth Bale
Jessica Alba, American actress

Pop Culture References for the name Alba

Alba is the Scottish Gaelic name for Scotland, pronounced Alabuh (the b is very short and can sometimes sounds like a p)
Alba DeTamble, daughter of Henry and Clare DeTamble in "The Time Traveler's Wife"
Alba also means "dawn" or "sunshine".
Alba the scandalous main femme in a series by Delacorta.
Alba, British electronics brand
Alba Villanueva, character on TV series Jane the Virgin
Alba Maldonado, character on the FOX sitcom "The Mick"

Albinia, Albani, Albinka, Albine, Albina, Albeni, Alva, Elba, Albanie, Albana, Albany

Alba's International Variations

Albane (French)