Celebrity Baby Names You’ll Want to Steal

Celebrity Baby Names You’ll Want to Steal

By Cara Michelle

If you’re looking for some starbaby inspiration, there’s a sky full of varied choices this month, from Adara to Wolfgang, Torin to Trixie.

Among the more high-profile: Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling named Esmeralda‘s sister Amada, the name of Mendes’s grandmother; Eddie Murphy‘s ninth child has the zippy appellation of Izzy OonaTwilight’s Jackson Rathbone saluted two musical heroes for daughter Presley Bowie; swimming champ Michael Phelps chose the dynamic Boomer; Jenna Malone went poetic with Ode Mountain, and Soleil Moon Frye picked another word name for her fourth child: Story.

New to the namescape: Greek god Eros, artist name Escher and vintage nicknames Ernie, Albie and Monty.

The complete list:


Alice Rose and Gracie Jane, sisters of Jesse (m), Jamie (m), Tyrone, and Leah (Ronnie and Sally Wood)

J’adore Nayvi (f) and Jynx Revell-Antonio (m), sister and brother of Jagger (m), Tyler (m), Antonio, Julian, Alonzo, Jurzie (f), Deyjah, Karis, London (f), and Leilani (Antonio and Terricka Cromartie)


Adara, sister of Althea (Ivan Rakitic and Raquel Mauri)

Amada Lee, sister of Esmeralda (Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes)

Andie, sister of Blake (m) (Casey Dellacqua and Amanda Judd)

Anna Astrid (Prince Amedeo of Belgium, Archduke of AustriaEste and Archduchess Elisabetta of AustriaEste)

Céline, sister of Yessin (m) (Yesser “Yes-R” Roshdy and Cheyen van Slee)

Eleonora (Matthijs and Elisabeth van Duijvenbode)

Flor, sister of Luz (Ricardo Areias and Barbara Norton de Matos)

Gloria Irene, sister of Zita (Prince Jaime and Princess Viktória of Bourbon-Parma)

Izzy Oona, sister of Eric, Bria, Christian, Myles, Shayne (f), Zola, Bella, and Angel (f) (Eddie Murphy and Paige Butcher)

JackieLou, sister of June (Filip De Snoeck and Ann Van Elsen)

Janne Pip (Tom de Louw and Nynke de Jong)

Josephine Kate, sister of Luke, Eve, and Poppy (Christopher Gavigan and Jessica Capshaw)

Kiki Catharina Christina (Rintje Ritsma and Youandi Mazeland)

Kinley Rae (Matt and Mackenzie Carpenter)

Liv Anniston (Carey and Angela Price)

Liya (Désiré Steevens and Cilou Annys)

Madeleine Grace (O’Neal McNight and Miriam Sternoff)

Mariam (Riccardo Montolivo and Cristina de Pin)

Mayla, sister of Layana and Alina (Nabil and Hind Dirar)

Mila Elizabeth (Brett Kissel and Cecilia Friesen)

Molly Ans Nicolien, sister of Klaas (m) (Sander Lantinga and Tessel van der Lugt)

Olivia Christine (Justin Gaston and Melissa Ordway)

Olivia Theba (Jody Bernal and Melissa Theba)

Presley Bowie, sister of Monroe (m) (Jackson Rathbone and Sheila Hafsadi)

Sarah Faye, sister of Elisabeth (Gilbert Thera and Sharon Kips)

Scarlett Elizabeth, sister of Brooklyn (f) (Kenny Navarro and Nicole Fokos)

Trixie Grace, sister of Ace and Isabella (Matt Willis and Emma Griffiths)

Violet Rae (Marisa Ramirez)


Afonso, brother of Santiago (Diogo Morgado and Catia Oliveira)

Albie George, brother of Nevaeh (Tom and Georgina Cleverley)

Antonio (Bruno Ferrari and Paloma Duarte)

Beau Charles, brother of Sophia and Ella (Aaron Jeffery and Zoe Naylor)

Bly Rhunar (Emily Breeze)

Boomer Robert (Michael Phelps and Nicole Johnson)

Bowie, brother of Luuk (Joost and Dani van Haaren)

Bram (Katinka Polderman)

Cayson Jack, brother of Beckett and Ava (Tye Strickland and Melissa Rycroft)

Côme (Harold van der Straten-Ponthoz and Julie Eaton)

Daren O.C. “Doc, brother of Cai (f) (Daren Dukes and Shanola Hampton)

Dean (Sebastian Langeveld)

Ernie William (Gary Valentine and Stephanie Izard)

Eros, brother of Andrea (m) (Gerardo Bazua and Paulina Rubio)

Escher Jacob, brother of Joan (f) (Maurits Westerik)

Etienne (Louise Bourgoin)

Fernando, Jr. (Fernando and Maria Llorente)

Ford Robert (Scott Clifton and Nicole Lampson)

Francisco (Joao Reis and Joana Freitas)

Frederik, brother of Christian (m) (Borre Naess and Christine Mathieson)

Grant Parker, brother of Bella (Garett Allison and Keisha Grant)

Greyson Valor, brother of Meilani (Roger Mathews and Jenni “JWoww” Farley)

Hayden Joel, brother of Huck (Joel Henricks and Ashley Jones)

Jayden (Eugene Galekovic and Nancy Timpano)

Jonathan Robert (Ralph Manheim and Liza Sips)

Lodewijk Herman Teddy (Menno and Florine Kohler)

Louis, brother of Ollie (m) and Chloe (Brian Ormond and Pippa O’Connor)

Louis George, brother of Edward (James and Victoria Bye)

Luis Leon, brother of Greta (Valerio and Giovanna Agnoli)

Mael, brother of Leo (Pedro Castro and Raquel de Rosario)

Malik Hamza, brother of Dina (Nasrdin Dchar and Amy Donk)

Marceau (Steven Tronet and AnneLaure Duquesne)

Maverick Reed, brother of Bentley (m) and Jayde (Taylor McKinney and Maci Bookout)

Max, brother of Markus (Martin Sundby and Marieke Heggeland)

Monty Matthew, brother of Sam (m), Eva, and Lola (Lauren Newton and Matt Welsh)

Nino (Bruno DeBrandt and Marie Kremer)

Noah, brother of Laura (Mathias and Nicole Frank)

Ode Mountain (Ethan DeLorenzo and Jena Malone)

Olivier, brother of Raoul, Delano, and Senna (m) (Phillip Cocu and Dorien Leurs)

Patrick Miguel, brother of Evita, Jack, LuciaBelen, JohnPaul, Paloma, MariaVictoria, and Margarita (Sean Duffy and Rachel Campos-Duffy)

Raymond Anthony III “Tripp (AJ McCarron and Katherine Webb McCarron)

Story, brother of Lyric (m), Poet (f), and Jagger (f) (Jason Goldberg and Soleil Moon Frye)

Torin Mathias (Grant Turnbull and Nadia Bjorlin)

Vince (Vinzzent and Priscilla Goemaat)

Vincent, brother of Anna (Geert Stockmans and Hanne Decoutere)

Wolfgang Alexander, brother of River (m) (Daniel Wayne Sermon and Alexandra Hall)

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