French from German
"the foreigner, the guest"

Gaston Origin and Meaning

The name Gaston is boy's name of French origin meaning "the foreigner, the guest".
Depending on your cultural references, you may think of Phantom of the Opera author Gaston Leroux, or the macho villain of Beauty and the Beast. While he's hardly a role model (unless you too use antlers in all of your decorating), his name was likely chosen because it's a classic in France. It's been used there since the middle ages, partly in honor of the Frankish bishop St Gaston. It went out of style in France mid-century, but now it's having a revival, entering the Top 300 in 2017.

Gaston Popularity

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Famous People Named Gaston

  • Gaston Jean BaptisteDuke of Orleans, younger brother of King Louis XIII of France
  • (PierrePaul,Henri,) Gaston Doumergue, 13th president of France
  • Gaston Egmond Thorn20th Prime Minister of Luxembourg
  • Gaston BachelardFrench philosopher
  • Gaston Louis Alfred LerouxFrench novelist
  • Gaston ChevroletFrench,American racing driver and automaker
  • Gaston Flossepresident of French Polynesia and French Senator
  • Gaston Alfred Green IIIAmerican NFL football player
  • Gaston FrancoFrench MEP
  • Djimon Gaston HounsouBeninese actor
  • Gaston Anthony Richmond (b. 1982)son of American actress Jaclyn Smith
  • Dashiell Gaston Hawkins (b. 2008)son of singer Sophie B. Hawkins
  • Gaston Louis Antoine Marie (b. 2009)Prince of Orleans; son of Prince Jean, Duke of Vendome; in line to the defunct French throne

Gaston in Pop Culture

  • Gastoncharacter in Disney's "Beauty and the Beast"
  • Gastonladybeetle on animated series "Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom"
  • Gaston Goodymayor from British TV show "Captain Mack"
  • Gaston Lachaillecharacter in the play and movie "Gigi'
  • Gastona rabbit villager from “Animal Crossing”