Cool Word Names: Ace, Blaze and Allure

August 28, 2019 Clare Green
by Clare Green This week’s news includes high-impact word names, rarities for every letter of the alphabet, and an accidental triple honor name.

Cool word names: Krew, Blaze

It’s been a big week for boys with punchy word names.

In the world of celebrity baby names, baseball player Gaines gave it to their son last year, and it's no surprise to see variations getting more popular too. Other word name announcements of the week include Leni for short). There are more punchy names in this story about surprise triplets. Their mom thought she had kidney stones, but it turned out she was in labor with boy-girl-girl triplets Nikki. And you know who else is a master of word names? Kel Wisdom - another word name that feels ahead of its time.

Alternative alphabets

If you're searching for name inspiration from A-Z, tropical storm lists are always full of ideas. Currently storm Will it get a boost from being on the public radar this year? After Sebastien. Can't wait for the Tulip for girls, and more to tide us over!

Love the name, hate the popularity

No matter how much you love a name on its own terms, for many parents it's a bummer when you use something rare only to find it's the Next Big Thing. Aiden was almost unknown. But use a name that's rare because it's on the downturn, and you might find it becomes a meme. You can't win! If you're looking for a name that's perfectly poised between fitting in and standing out, check out our freshest lists of names in the popularity sweet spot for boys and girls.

Make way for Miles

As we've just seen, name fashions change with each generation. Take some examples from sports: time was when baseball teams were full of men named Miles finally entered the Top 100 last year, so we’ll be seeing it on football pitches, not to mention in classrooms, for a while yet.

Accidental honor names

Lucille. Have you come across any name coincidences like this? England, where she has worked in libraries and studies linguistics. You can follow her personally on Instagram and Twitter.

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