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Gender: F Meaning of Erin: "from the island to the west" Origin of Erin: Irish Erin's Popularity in 2015: #337

First-wave Irish name and place name—the poetic name for Ireland—now supplanted by newer alternatives such as Maeve and Delaney.

Famous People Named Erin

Erin Marie Moran, American actress
Erin Jill Andrews, American sports reporter for ESPN
Erin Brockovich, American environmental activist
Erin Joyce Brady, Miss USA 2013
Erin Lynn Cummings, American actress
Erin Heatherton (born Erin Heather Bubley), American model
Erin Zariah Sanders, American actress
Erin Hunter, pen name of the authors of the "Warriors" book series
Erin Isabelle Burnett, American TV journalist
Erin Margaret Murphy, American actress
Erin Jean Maria Spanevello, Canadian model
Erin Smith, American guitarist of riot grrrl band Bratmobile
Erin Morgenstern, American novelist
Erin Way, American actress
Erin O'Connor, English model
Emily Erin Deschanel, American actress
Erin Helena Maureen Anttila, Finnish singer of group Nylon Beat
Erin Gruwell, American teacher who inspired the film "Freedom Writers"
Erin Aila Halsey, daughter of athletes Jaime Moore and Steve Halsey
Erin Elise (Bates) Paine, 3rd child (2nd daughter) of the reality TV show "Bringing Up Bates" family
Erin Siena Jobs, daughter of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs
Erin Katrina McLeod, Canadian soccer player
Erin Nicole Nayler, New Zealand football player

Pop Culture References for the name Erin

Erin Walton, character on TV's "The Waltons"
Erin Silver, character on TV's "90210"
Erin Strauss, character on TV's "Criminal Minds"
Erin Bates, vampire in the "House of Night" series by P.C. and Kristin Cast
Erin Grace, character on TV's "The Red Band Society"
Erin, werewolf character on TV's "Being Human"
Erin Hannon, character on TV's "The Office"
Erin Forrester, character in Melody Carlson's "On The Runway"
Erin Kennedy, character in "The Sims 3" computer game
Erin, poetic name for Ireland
Erin go bragh, phrase meaning "Ireland forever"
Erin Lindsay, character on TV's "Chicago P.D."