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Gender: M Origin of Aron: Hebrew and Spanish variation of Aaron Aron's Popularity in 2016: #774

This shortened variation of Aaron—it was Elvis's middle name—is now in the Top 800 on its own.

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Famous People Named Aron

Aron Baynes, Australian basketball player
Aron Bogolyubov, Soviet Olympic medalist judoka
Aron Eisenberg, American actor
Aron Erlichman, better known by his stage name Deuce (formerly known as "Tha Producer"), American music producer, singer-songwriter, and rapper
Aron Gurwitsch, Litvak American phenomenologist
Aron Kader, American comedian of Palestinian and American descent
Aron Katsenelinboigen, was a founder of predispositioning theory
Aron Kincaid, American actor and former voice actor
Aron Nimzowitsch, Russian-born, Danish leading chess master and very influential chess writer
Aron Pumnul, Romanian philologist and teacher, national and revolutionary activist in Transylvania and later in Bucovina
Aron Lee Ralston, American outdoorsman, engineer and motivational speaker
Aron Strobel, lead guitarist for Münchener Freiheit
Aron Tager, American actor and artist
Aron Tiranul, Aaron the Tyrant, sometimes credited as Aron Emanoil or Emanuel Aaron twice Moldavian Voivode (Prince): between September 1591 and June 1592, and October 24, 1592 to May 3, 1595. He was Alexandru Lăpușneanu's son.
Aron Warner
Elvis Aron Presley

Pop Culture References for the name Aron

Aron, a character from the Marvel Universe comic Aron! HyperSpace Boy!
Aron, a steel-type creature in the Pokemon video game series
Aron Trask, a character from John Steinbeck's novel East of Eden

Aaron, Arun, Arron