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Gender: Female Meaning of Joanna: "God is gracious" Origin of Joanna: Variation of Johanna Joanna's Popularity in 2017: #237

The name Joanna is a girl's name of Latin origin meaning "God is gracious". Joanna is ranked #237 on our popularity charts and is often added to lists like Bible Names for Girls and discussed in our forums with posts like "Generation CAF #59 (w/ occupations)".

From the experts:

The most usable name in her family, Joanna has been unobtrusively fashionable since the 1980s and continues to be appreciated for its New Testament history as a woman who accompanied Jesus on his travels, and its melodious three-syllable sound, though the simpler Anna ranks much higher. Joanna was most popular in the mid-80s, when she made it into the Top 100.

Audrey Hepburn played a lovely Joanna in the film Two for the Road and Keira Knightley embodied it in Last Night. Both O. Henry and William Faulkner used it for characters.

The rhythmic Joanna is our choice over Johanna and Joanne.

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Famous People Named Joanna

Joanna of Castile and Leon, Queen consort of Philip I of Castile
Joanna I, Queen of Naples
Joanna of Austria, Grand Duchess of Tuscany
Joanna of Rosenthal, Queen consort of Bohemia as wife of George of Poděbrady
Joanna Kerns, American actress
Joanna Russ, American novelist and feminist academic
JoAnna Garcia-Swisher, American actress
Joanna Lamond Lumley, English actress
Joanna Virginia Cassidy, American actress
Joanna Caroline Newsom, American singer-songwriter
Joanna Lea (Stevens) Gaines, American TV personality ("Fixer Upper")
Joanna Lohman, American soccer player
Joanna Krupa, Polish-American model
Joanna Noëlle Blagden "JoJo" Levesque, American singer and actress
Joanna Gleason (born Joanne Hall), Canadian actress and singer
Joanna Louisa Coles, English magazine editor
Joanna Rowsell, English cyclist
Joanna Honorata Brodzik, Polish actress
Joanna Chmielewska (Irena Barbara Kuhn), Polish writer and architect
Joanna Horodyńska, Polish model and stylist
Joanna Natalia Jabłczyńska, Polish actress
Joanna Jędryka, Polish actress
Joanna (Cleo) Klepko, Polish singer
Joanna Grażyna Kluzik-Rostkowska, Polish politician and deputy

Pop Culture References for the name Joanna

Joanna Chambers, character in the Power of Five series by Anthony Horowitz
Joanna Dark, main character in video game "Perfect Dark"
"Joanna Francesa," 1957 Brazilian film and its main character
"Joanna," 1968 British film and its main character
Joanna Lannister, wife of Tywin Lannister in the Game of Thrones series
Joanna, lizard in Disney's "The Rescuers Down Under"
Joanna Wallace, character in film "Two for the Road"
Joanna Reed, character in film "Last Night"
Joanna Beauchamp, character in the Witches of East End series
Joanna McCoy, daughter of Leonard McCoy on TV's "Star Trek"
"The Cloning of Joanna May," science fiction novel by Fay Weldon
Joanna "Jo" Parrish, police constable on Australian TV series "Blue Heelers"
Joanna Marie "Jo" Polniaczek, character on TV's "The Facts of Life"
Joanna Reece, character on TV's "Forever"
Joanna Mills, character in film "The Return"
Joanna Beth Harvelle, character on TV's "Supernatural"
Joanna "Joey" Drayton, character in "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner"
Joanna Wellick (nee Olafson), character in "Mr. Robot"
Joanna Forsythe (nee Clark), character in DC Universe
"Joanna," song by Canadian band Hawk Nelson

Ohanna, Joni, Joan, Jo, Joeanne, Joanie, Joeanna, Joanna, Joann, Joanne, Jonie, Jo-Ann, Joeann, Jana

Joanna's International Variations

Zanna, Zana, Joanka (Polish) Janne (Scandinavian) Sion (Welsh) Ionna, Yannia (Greek) Yochanna, Johanna (Hebrew) Johannah, Hanne (German) Johanne, Joina, Jone, Jonella, Jonna (Danish) Siobhán (Irish) Hana, Johana (Czech) Shona (Scottish) Jante (Dutch)


natalie Says:


I plan on naming my daughter this. Josie is going to be her nickname.

dixiegirl02 Says:


I love this name. We chose it for our daughter this year. I love the meaning, I like that is Biblical and classic and timeless. She has a cute nickname (JoJo) plus a more grownup one. (Jo) It is easy for most people to spell and pronounce. The only issue: sometimes people call her Joanne and her name has been mispronounced as Jo-onna. Still I would highly recommend it. We receive lots of positive feedback on it.

TheSlothPrincess Says:


Joanna is a very nice, strong sounding name to me. I think the only person that I've met named this was my grade one teacher. I like both Jo or Anna as nicknames.

Bobcat108 Says:


I really like Joanna, but as my mom is Joanne, there were way too many issues w/using this name for my daughter.

Jo Jo Says:


This is my name and I love it. I've only met a handful of Joanna's, there are many good nicknames (I've always been Joey to my family, sometimes Jo when I was in school), and it's classic and underused without being obscure.

My one issue: I get Joanne. A lot.

snowsbeloved Says:


This is my (almost) 13 year old sister's name. I like that there isn't anyone else with her name. And like what others have said, it's classic but far from bland, feminine but definitely not frilly.

Joanne Says:


Zana? Zanna? Joanka? I've never heard anyone using any of these in Poland...
It's just Joanna... And the short forms are Joasia and Asia ;)

lizwhiz87 Says:


Love this name!! It is biblical, classic enough not to feel trendy, but not so common that there will be tons of babies with the same name.